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Everything posted by Max-Q

  1. Weapon drop hack :hug:

  2. then you could it just make it mod menu and post it so people can enjoy eh.
  3. The mod menu does give ban in other circumstances. While injection is detected.Hooking is detected. Might work for some, good luck!
  4. delete game data with apps manager, relog and enable hacks. dont forget to use a good jb protection, like a-bypass and kernbypass or other good
  5. Does someone knows why i cant buy an RTX directly from nvidia ? After almost 1 year from release, nvidia still doesnt care people?. Such a shame. I will buy in the far future a Radeon for sure. 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Rook


      Guys Crypto is the future

    3. Zahir


      @Rook Traditional banks own the government and government will lose money if crypto becomes successful. So, they will start banning crypto :dunno:

    4. Rook


      Of course. Government doesn't have much control over crypto

  6. https://streamable.com/d0hgcp why say it doesnt work? disable infinite mana and no skill stuff to have less crashes updated to v1.14
  7. You nasty bot! I love ya! 😎💪😘
  8. Updated to v 6.13. Added wallhack Q-vision and fixed crosshair hack
  9. 🤔Very interesting feature! Now i know witch are the latest hacks or updates. 👀
  10. Max-Q

    Request Cyberika

    do you have a link., or maybe a proper filled request should be more tempting
  11. Im not banned. Now you explain to me why and i remove the hack if you think its any fake hack. Besides that, if for some people work do you think they bother to reply?
  12. Modern Ops Devs have made big changes and removed obsolete OpenGl from the game, as result wallhack its no longer possibile. Will work asap to make it with the latest Q-vision wallhack, then i will update. Thanks for patience!😘

    1. Laxus


      Q-Vision is best

    2. Bio2


      We wait no problem thanks in advance

    3. Badger


      Hopefully you can revive the other parts of the hack too like sand boxing the anti cheat and all the other goodies but anything would be awesome to help keep up with all the hackers in the game. Keep up the great work I know it’s a difficult game to hack 

  13. I have Liberty Lite enabled for this game. But i have also KernBypass. And i have Checkra1n jailbreak witch is harder to detect in some games. es Unc0ver. You might try to clear data of the game with Apps Manager and reinstall game. Make sure you dont have any old tweak or hack installed for c-ops.This could be the reason why you get ban. Then install back game, enable liberty lite or a-bypass, re-log and play without hack. See if get ban for 5-10 matches, if no then install my hack.
  14. Not for me. This means one thing. You have other hacks or you have jailbroken detected. I have played 10 matches MP. No ban. I dont know why you get ban, but i dont think im crazy. 🙂😜
  15. NBA 2k21 its free on Epic Store: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/nba-2k21

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    2. Max-Q


      👀Like when we gonna be able to hack unreal games.. 😂😬

    3. Laxus


      @Max-Q etA sp00n 😎

    4. JUSTINthebeast


      ythankk u man

  16. I have removed menu from  C-ops Wallhack Cheat. Now the hack should not give ban anymore. There is no menu, just login iosgods account then  everything is hidden.

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