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Everything posted by absolut1on

  1. New Tool created by John Coates to decrypt/crack ios apps or binaries. This new tool doesnt need to open the game in order to complete the decryption. It cracks a binary of 60mb in 2 sec, the tool is very fast. Its still in beta release probably more work for improvement will be done, but for who wants to use it now ill post the usage commands. DOWNLOAD LINK : https://github.com/JohnCoates/flexdecrypt/releases/download/1.1/flexdecrypt.deb Install,respring then open terminal, login user. Then lets crack a game with command: flexdecrypt "BinaryPath/BinaryName" (ex. codmobile) flexdecrypt /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/99160C03-4F16-4E0D-AA25-FED69E7DB386/cod.app/cod The binary cracked is founded in /private/var/tmp Github Page: https://github.com/JohnCoates/flexdecrypt Credits JohnCoates
  2. i can make see the dicks of the player visibile. what you think?


    1. Rook


      Console. Skip

    2. absolut1on


      😬Yeah. We need Pc or Iphone version. 😘

  4. I use liberty lite Beta from pulandres repo(witch is dead repo).I have repacked the deb .

    1. Aadhil12345


      I am using liberty lite beta 0.2.12 by Ryley . Not ban 

    2. netfl1x


      yes, I use ryley's too, didn't get banned yet

    3. Laxus


      Use the one from official repo lol.

  5. Yes . Thats happen when you dont use jailbreak blocking tools. Or use the wrong ones.
  6. Q-vision doesnt has switches. You can see enemies through walls. Read topic and see pics.
  7. Do not update A-bypass tweak to 1.0.8. It blocks injection of the cheats so they wont open in games.Use for now 1.0.7

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. netfl1x


      U guys can use app admin tweak on cydia to downgrade a-bypass from 1.0.8 to 1.0.7

    3. lakshjain1


      yeah not updating to 1.0.8 & please add strong aim assist to this hack @absolut1on & a lot of thanks to you for make so mind-blowing hacks @absolut1on

    4. cvdsfrfcdsz


      1.0.8  good working with q-vision

  8. Yeah. I have noticed some are visibile.At least some work.
  9. what do you want to see through walls?
  10. They already patched q-vision WALLHACK . im doing some stuff to make it work,but who knows for how much.thats why weapon is still invisible. try to find insight attachment also. if any fight that cant be avoided, you already know where is aprox the aim point, so try use your skills
  11. use low graphics. in low graphics is mp and br wallhack(no colors)
  12. Yeah. Sorry the delay. Finish cod q-vision and will take care of this, first task.
  13. Thank you for your positive review. There will be no more updates. Btw, if you play BR you realize the sense of the disgusting floor. If you dont, its disgusting like sh!tting near a tree.And the bad thing is that you need to clean up after you done. My opinion is that you should uninstall my disgusting hacks and use professional ones, you know, from other sites...
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