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Status Updates posted by absolut1on

  1. Giveaway ended today! Winners will recieve 3 months vip for jailbroken section. WINNERS: @Adhiosa @0zy @AideNx Thanks to all participants.

    1. 0zy


      wow i winner 😀

  2. Standoff2 Weapons menu fixed and updated. Have fun while lasts.

    1. Fruitistic


      Could you please update Standoff 2 easy-install radar hack to 0.11.2? Thanks

    2. ufohehe


      brother standoff can get up aim bothacker?

  3. Happy birthday.:lama: To me.!!! 

  4. :pepe:petition to bring chatbox back!

    Who is  in?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DADi


      Why would anyone miss Chatboxxx?

    3. absolut1on


      we can share some thoughts

    4. Errr


      @DADi Why does the chatbox keep on removing then adding back? Is it to avoid spammer? 

  5. The only hack that dont give ban in Cod mobile on main servers is Q-vision! @bR34Kr.      For everyone who asks!

    1. bR34Kr
    2. waaaai


      Can I use the Japanese version? iPhonex.

    3. absolut1on


      works on all versions with all jailbreaks

  6. :shmoo:check out this music


  7. Founded solution to make new account Cod Mobile in same device if get banned. And founded why people get ban. Spread,Radar.Dont use it.Will update cheat.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ruhbx


      thank you!!!

    3. AideNx


      So i can use all the other features except radar and spread and i don’t get banned? (besides with reports)

    4. absolut1on


      All give ban! 🙂Pls wait using any hacks. 

  8. Temporary removed lock-on charge COD Mobile. Pls reply back if gets ban from vip actual features.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Ruhbx


      But someone did say the radar hack is what’s being detected but who knows

    3. absolut1on


      :snack:ok . Its time to get out the heavy artillery.

    4. Ruhbx


      Uh oh 😳

  9. COD Mobile Vip Updated for Global Version 1.0.8. Have fun.!

    1. DADi
    2. bR34Kr
    3. absolut1on


      :unsure: ban wave'

      need to see witch feature does that

  10. Update Cod Mobile: The version posted is Garena CoD Mobile v 1.6.8.  Will redo the official one. Apologies for issue.

    1. El-jefe-


      Thanks brother I’m in the USA wish I believe it’s different 😭

    2. Laxus



  11. Sorry for any delayed updates. Must stay another 2 days in hospital. Will update as soon as im home. 🙂

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Chunx


      Get well my G.. 

    3. LilButterfly


      Hope everything’s ok! :console:

    4. haxx0r


      Oh, get well bro.

  12. Sorry for delayed updates. Very busy with family ,thats why will give up to some of my topics and will have no update delays.Cheers. For any question regarding my cheats PM me.Currently working at speedhack The Elder Scrolls: Blades

    and instant loot for Durango: Wildlands 

    1. Chky


      • Thank for you
    2. DanYal
    3. DoggySty


      Cant wait for Durango!!!

  13. Hacks with Wallhack/Esp doesnt work on Chimera jailbreak,  people! 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. absolut1on
    3. Ted2


      You guys need to figure things out yourselves out here.

    4. absolut1on


      LULim a nuub,look at me!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. absolut1on


      Yeah. But it that matters?? 😂I can set it how many i want. Its just a reminder for the feature added in GoB! 😜😜😜

    3. dj_TK


      weapons update accumulation function :)

    4. Eibfbbjs


      Most look forward to radar, come on!

  14.  @DADi

    1. Eibfbbjs



    2. GoldenLevel


      Gracias Abso, Gracias DADI

  15. Alternative buy VIP  if no card available: https://iosgods.com/store/gift-cards/

  16. Congrats for promotion you mothef***a!:friends:

    1. busmanl30


      Thank you!

    2. gurlRz


      Congrats thanks for your hard work!

  17. Upgraded my life ! New shoes :rofl:

  18. What has new Ios13 except the better sh!t updated?? New volume control?? :facepalm:. I love my jailbreak, no thanks ios13

    1. Deep_Thought


      yeah, but there's the new system-wide dark mode, new volume HUD, new unlock speed, ability to stream to two bluetooth headphones at the same time, new UI, etc. What's not to like? (especially since I missed the 12.1.2 downgrade window...😭 )

    2. absolut1on


      wow features?? not at all ! Nothing new to blow mind as apple was used to. ... This year we going down... with the technology, or at least we are stucked! 🤭

    3. Deep_Thought


      Honestly the only thing that's actually different is the ipados which I can't use anyway cause I only have an iPad Air 1. 

  19. b****es ,i have updated Gob as Lightning. 😂

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. absolut1on


      :frantic:i have not update non-jb so keep doing it 


    3. AwesomeSauce79


      Thank you guys!  @DiDA @absolut1on

      Thank you guys!  @DiDA @absolut1on

    4. DADi
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