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  1. All weapons have a lock charge, a small time between the moment when you have the crosshair on your enemy and the moment weapons shoot. Like a charge stuff.In some weapons is bigger time(riffles) in some less time. Tha cheat is removing that time.. its iosddl having errors. Wait Dida fixes server.
  2. Updated. My 10 hours struggling update the best anticheat in the iOS world  gaming was finally done. I have family too.

    1. Renekty


      Thank you for the hard work ❤️

  3. Updated to 1.0.10 .updated. My 10 hours struggling update the best anticheat in the world ios gaming was finaly done. updated. My 10 hours struggling update the best anticheat in the world ios gaming was finaly done.
  4. Do i recieved an amazon gift? 👀Supporting me it helps. Everyone had time to do it since december, Anyway, only 2 people donated 5$. Will update when i have some free time.And more support. Up
  5. Probably recorded, or chased by some modder. You have any friends ingame? Most of the time those are the responsibile ones. Unless you have real friends that they know you as a person. Migh that much wins make people suspect and report you after match. Having many reports i think is another way on detecting the cheaters. You just got ban from moderator. 🤭
  6. probably a package or a tweak from your device. Restore rootfs and rejailbreak from scratch. Install only needed dependencies and install hack then. Play Cod.
  7. Yes. It crashed at start. Try few times and wont crash anymore. disable speedhack, helps.
  8. :hug:Respect

    1. Laxus
    2. taycash99289


      Is an update coming for cooking diary? @Laxus

  9. its pretty obvious you havent installed it. Did it shows up in cydia in installed tweaks?
  10. use liberty lite idk, You are first one witch dont work on unc0ver 12.1.2 I have unc0ver 12.1.2 , so was made here.
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