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  1. Fix your request please. in Type of hacks put what you would like to be hacked (e.g money, damage, no skill cooldown, gems, gold, inventory hack, energy hack...)
  2. NooooooooooooooooooooooOOOooOOOoooOO! I'm gonna cry! Any other way? WTF that signature needs to be a lot smaller, so big holyf. took my whole page. Yeah I don't need that I change it with GameGem. I need the packs that cost $19.99 with the new characters. ty tho.
  3. So for me isn't working anymore. To buy those packages that costs $19.99 can anyone else that plays try to buy with local iap store and see if works or get the same problem as me. thank you.
  4. Hey guys. I came to share this website that offers a tons of cool fonts for you to use in your personal project something that you won't charge anyone for it.i hope you guys Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  5. Please fix your request and put if you want for JB or Non-JB device. Refer to this: Rules To Post a Request Thank you.
  6. yeah that is what I wanted to know, so I don`t need to call the symbol I can put any name right? so it will be easier to type the function to return... instead of writing all that *****
  7. ty Question: MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "__ZN7profile16isArmorPurchasedEib")),(void*)armorPurchased, NULL); this part (void*)armorPurchased, NULL); can i put any name where is armorPurchased? So it`s easier to call it? Like I can put like this too? MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "__ZN7profile16isArmorPurchasedEib")),(void*)__ZN7profile16isArmorPurchasedEib, NULL); ? Thank you
  8. Switch a bronze card for another character that is gold.
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