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  1. Games You Can Hack With LocalIAPStore

    Dragon vale and Dragon Village 2 don't work
  2. VIP X1 3 Month Giveaway

    You won! Congratulations
  3. First 👌🏼 Love the hacks daddy 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
  4. Overwatch May Ban Competitive Players Who Pick the Same Hero Every Time Tanner Dedmon 11/12/2017 Overwatch players might want to start diversifying their hero picks for competitive play or else they could run the risk of being banned for one-tricking their favorite character. Being proficient with a hero to the point that you can pick them into any enemy team is one thing, but the issues apparently lies in how it affects the rest of your team. A situation surfaced on Reddit involving a one-trick player who simply refused to play because they didn’t get their Torbjorn trick, an action that resulted in a ban for the player that was first thought to be related to one-tricking a hero. It was found that the situation was more about holding your teammates hostage and being inflexible with your hero picks when your main is taken, an offense that an Overwatch community manager said they’re discussing internally. “I just wanted to chime in and make sure that everyone knows that we’re currently digging into the reports, investigating this ban, and thinking about how this type of situation affects specialized players and their teammates,” said Josh Engen, community manager. “We take both sides of the issue very seriously. We believe that players should be able to choose their favorite heroes, but playing as a team (which includes building an effective team composition) is a core part of the Overwatch experience. It’s a delicate balance, and we’re still working on getting it right (and probably always will be).” Engen then expanded on his statement by referencing Blizzard’s stance on playing fair and nice while overcoming obstacles both in-game and within your team. Read More Here: http://comicbook.com/gaming/amp/2017/11/12/overwatch-ban-competitive-players-pick-the-same-hero-every-time/
  5. Tool [Update] GamePlayer v3.4 iOS 9~~10.2 Support!

    Nice Nice
  6. DIY Hack Need for Speed No Limits (Gold and Cash) Exploit

  7. DIY Hack Need for Speed No Limits (Gold and Cash) Exploit

    This already exists @DiDA
  8. Doesn't work @ZahirSher it shows having full bar, but it acts like you don't have energy and the troops don't deploy
  9. Help/Support No Mod Menu

    The hack probably isn't updated for the current version of the game
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