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  1. You too Hope you had a good holiday. Glad to see this place is still going strong Partly that, and also I was getting really paranoid about getting found out so I just shut everything down. It's been nice.
  2. No I wouldn't misspell college lol Congrats on cheaters btw!
  3. Hello guys I deactivated Twitter and github in an attempt to put this part of my life behind me. Unfortunately someone else got the handle @hackedbyshmoo, that is not me. I am not running that account and I have no idea who is. Thanks for an amazing four years everyone
  4. @shmoo

    I know were not supposed to request on DMs but zahir told me to ask you about this kind of tweak as she knew not much about it, but if you have time, could you make a speed optimizir that can actually work for ios 11.2.1, gamegem is being a peice of crap right now and im kindof sad im not able to use the optimizer.

    if you can do this for me can you make it a simplistic one like the gamegem one, it doesnt really even need an app, i just need it to be able to go (-100x -50x -10x -5x 0, 1, 5x 10x 50x 100x) and if you can really do something awesome for me, could you also add the option to up the speed 1 by 1 like a custom speed. Anyways you dont actually need to do any of this, its just ive been requesting and aksing people for over 3 months now and im getting no answers, and it would make me very happy if you could do this, plus im sure the community would love something like this, especially since alot of other ios 11 people like me cant use gamgem.

  5. Then you'll know why you cant enable debug menu on the current version
  6. Do that, you'll understand why it wont work in the current version
  7. What probably happened was that the devs saw slater's hack and was like holy crap we need to disable the debug menu on release builds and then did that so now you cant enable it anymore
  8. This won't work, you wont be able to show the debug menu If you would be able to, nothing would be there. Look at the showcheats function, it calls destroyallpanels in it
  9. Your a Legend

    1. Joey


      Thanks you too

  10. I updated my menu for ios 11 



    1. Tjaboro


      wow! so exited for shmoo mod menu!



    2. Pradeep6868


      Thank you so much shmoo for this mod menu :hug:

    3. Kizzy


      Brother it’s been awhile 

  11. removed redundant code ? Nothing has changed as far as functionality goes. I am pushing another fix rn because I found another mistake
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