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  1. @DiDA has to add it to the app now then we can play with hacks oh and also bruva @Fory did we change the exp hack from 10x to 15x ? if we didn’t then don’t worry about it; save it for another time bruv XD
  2. Hey @DanYal have you used this in raids?and have you gotten banned using this? also do you think you could add the hacked ipa version of this game cept it would only have -no skill cooldown only hacks you said you could do it for the next update a while back
  3. yeah i heard about the ban wave and thankfully nope!
  4. @Fory this is an update for the guide that I have if people should use hacks for the story in ver. 1.3.100: I have played through all of the new episode that was released in patch ver. 1.3.100 and in this episode: there doesn't seem to be key items that you need to progress through the episode. it is like previous episodes where the "key item" is a collectible that progress you through reward tiers in other words it is safe to use the hacks here BUT it will cause your progress towards the tiers to move slower ex: a chest contains 300-900 pearls, BUT with the hacks you only gain 10... you would be losing out on 290-890 pearls per chest!!! It is then up to you if whether or not the hacks are worth using during your pearl run HOWEVER THE HACKS WOULD ALSO WORK WONDERFUL FOR THIS PARTICULAR GRIND FOR THIS EPISODE!!! This episode introduces a new item tier that IF YOU CAN FIND AND COLLECT THESE ITEMS you can obtain VERY VERY VERY Special items!!! they are called BLACK Pearls can only be found in the VERY HARD version of the another dungeon is a shiny on the ground and depends on RNG of whether or not it even spawns in your dungeon run YOU ONLY GET 1 when you pick it up.... with the hacks you get 10!!! ( in theory though.... ) ***When you collect 50 you finish all the tiers for that reward tier I do not know if you should use the hacks at the beginning of the episode... since usually you get 10x of the item that is given to you through dialogue conversation... ***hint hint*** you can get 10 ADAMANTINE weapons when you complete that quest line (those weapons are literally more powerful than the current lv 60s)-- something to think about anyway happy hunting guys!!!
  5. Well @Fory if you are up for a challenge, there is a new feature that was released this update called fishing!😎 I don’t have the mind of a hacker but maybe you can find something cool in this new feature!
  6. @Fory @DiDA BRUH it's been forever since i have been on a mobile game 😂 I was doing a lot of PC gaming since i got my new CPU!!! SO happy then i developed cancer... because of League of Legends... Anywho... the game was updated to ver 1.3.100 got a new feature: FISHING! Gonna be Noctis now... and make some dough @Fory do you think it is possible to change the exp from 10x to 15x? it will make level grind a teensy bit more easier! but keep the item thing the same cause when the hacks first came out 255 axes was insane... although... 255 adamantine swords would have been super dope
  7. Who is that hot anime girl ya have showing up there? TV show or game??


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    2. Avi07072


      Meet me on Battlefield 4 lets put our cheats to the test???!?


    3. Babyface123


      YOU ARE ON!! after I download battlefield 4 LUL

    4. Avi07072


      OK hahah!


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