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    1. bbReakMe


      Nice... but JB won't be able to play lol

    2. NitroxicDemon


      There is a bypass my friend knows

    3. Joka


      My FrIeNd KnOwS

  1. I only tested one hack on my device, a critical ops mod menu for x64, and it works fine
  2. Same, my hacks always crash for other helix users. helix as in the 32 bit one double helix for 64 bit works fine
  3. doubleh3lix>g0blin

    1. DiDA


      DoubleH3lx > All Recent JBs

    2. bbReakMe


      DoubleH3lix < Electra

      Don't hate because I have a headache right now lol




  4. You know who I dedicate this song to? 


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Fadexz
    3. NitroxicDemon


      Your facts not mine. I ain't gay fuk boi

      Anyways, I warned you. But if you insist.

    4. Joka


      Scared sh!tless

  5. you've got a friend in me

  6. Hello, sir, my mind has often wondered what lies beneath those clothes that keep you warm. Without any hesitation, may you take a picture of your masculine body and send it here so we can admire the beautiful creation.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KFCzZz
    3. NitroxicDemon


      @DiDA I made that up the other day in discord as a proper way of saying send nude lmfao.

    4. KFCzZz
  7. I always did this lmao, some still take long time to load lel. For me, ARM64 loads bins load faster than 32 bit bins in ida 32
  8. Not sure you can try CMP W0, #1 or CMP W0, #0 Try one of them and see
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