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  1. So guys, I'm searching for a noob friendly tutorial to install kali linux on windows 10. I tried it myself previously, and i tried to boot from a usb and my partition got screwed up, so if you don't mind could anyone please link me a noob friendly tutorial to install kali linux as i'm interested in penetration testing. I also found out that virtual box will do the job for you, but i'm not sure about it, so could someone help me with this??
  2. 1. OPEN UP YOUR APP STORE 2. TAP ON THE SEARCH TAB 3. TYPE IN "X-VPN" IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS : OR JUST CLICK THIS LINK : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/x-vpn/id1250312807?mt=8 4. DOWNLOAD IT 5. OPEN THE APP YOU DOWNLOADED 6. TAP ON INSTALL PROFILE 7. TAP ON CONNECT AND YOUR'E DONE THIS VPN DOESN'T REQUIRE ANY SUBSCRIPTION AND IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE , ENJOY YOUR'E FREE VPN Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.security.xvpn.z35kbMac and Windows:https://xvpn.io/?n=fastCat.fastLemonFront.FrontXvpn.DownloadPageX-VPN Website:https://xvpn.io/
  3. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has overtaken Bill Gates and is now the richest person in the world, with a fortune topping $90 billion for the first time ever. When markets opened on Thursday, Bezos had a net worth of $90.6 billion, putting him $500 million ahead of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Amazon stock opened up 1.6% on Thursday, adding $1.4 billion to Bezos’ net worth. That was enough to put him ahead of Gates, who was last surpassed on Forbes’ real-time rankings for just two days nearly a year ago by Spanish retail giant Amancio Ortega. Forbes started tracking billionaires around the globe in 1987. Bezos is now the seventh person to hold the title of the world’s richest person and the third American to top the global ranks besides Gates and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. While Gates and Buffett both appeared on Forbes’ first ranking of America’s 400 Richest people in 1982, Bezos is a newer addition to Forbes’ wealth rankings. He first appeared on the Forbes 400 in 1998, a year after Amazon went public, with a $1.6 billion fortune. Bezos ranked third richest in the world on Forbes 2017 list of the World's Billionaires, published in March, with a fortune of $72.8 billion. Bezos would be nowhere close to being the world’s wealthiest person had Gates not given so much of his fortune to philanthropy. Gates, who created the Giving Pledge with Buffett to encourage billionaires to give at least half of their wealth to charitable causes, had given away $31.1 billion over the course of his lifetime through end of 2016. Forbes estimates that Bezos, who has not signed the pledge, had given approximately $100 million to charity through the end of 2015. In June, Bezos tweeted out a request for ideas for his philanthropy, garnering thousands of responses. Source : Forbes
  4. This tutorial is going to be about controlling your iDevice from SSH. But wait, what the heck is SSH? SSH is a short word from Secure Shell. It's like a terminal, but the difference is that the terminal executes code on the device it's launched on, but SSH executes code on the device you've SSHed into using WiFi or USB. So, how do I get SSH on my iDevice? Well, it's really simple. If you have a jailbreak on iOS 9.3.3 or lower, just open Cydia, search for OpenSSH, and install it. That's it, now you have SSH! But wait, what if I'm jailbroken with YaluX or extra_recipe? There are two ways to get SSH. Yalu and extra_recipe install SSH to your device by default, but it only works from USB. If you wanna SSH into your device over USB, here's a great tutorial how to use SSH on the YaluX jailbreak via USB. But wait, you want SSH over WiFi? Ok, this is also easy! Here's a great tutorial about how to SSH into your iDevice over WiFi with the YaluX jailbreak! So now, the most fun part begins! We're SSHing into the iDevice. Let's go! If you're SSHing over USB, the tutorial about SSH over USB on yalu102 is pretty clear. If you're SSHing over WiFi, I'll explain it here. SSHing over WiFi macOS / Linux: Open terminal Type ssh [email protected]'s-ip It wall ask you for your root password. The default one is alpine. If you didn't change it, it'll be the default one. Windows: Download putty Open the app Select the connection type SSH Enter the IP address of your iDevice Press open Wait for a few seconds till it asks for the password and enter it. Again, the default one is alpine. Congratulations, you've SSHed into your iDevice! Now, let's do stuff. Here are some useful commands: passwd - changes the SSH access password so hackers can't hse the default one to mess up your device killall backboardd or killall SpringBoard - resprings your iDevice reboot - reboots your iDevice halt - power off your iDevice But wait, is this all? No it isn't Let's take real control over our iDevice! To do this, download this small tool I wrote for controlling your iDevice from SSH (read the description to know how to install it). So, after you've downloaded nimbus, you can fully control your iDevice from SSH! In SSH, type nimbus help. You'll see a list of commands which you can enter. So, let's have some fun! Open an app on your iDevice. Now type nimbus home. See? The home button press was simulated! Cool, right? You can look for other commands in the nimbus help list. Looks actually fun, right?
  5. Name of app you want hacked: Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia - Online Multiplayer By Chad Towns Version of the app: 4.0.5 iTunes URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doodle-army-2-mini-militia-online-multiplayer/id405885221?mt=8 Requested features: - Pro Pack purchased- Battle Points purchased- God Mode- Infinite Jetpack Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Both Please add settings to enable or disable individual hack features Thank you!
  6. NOTE : To see the hidden content, click down below , AND PLEASE REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF IT WORKS FOR YOU SO OTHERS WILL ALSO COME TO KNOW THAT IT WORKS Credits : EverythingApplePro
  7. NOTE : To see the hidden content, click down below , AND PLEASE REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF IT WORKS FOR YOU SO OTHERS WILL ALSO COME TO KNOW THAT IT WORKS [Hidden Content]
  8. NOTE : To see the hidden content, click down below , AND PLEASE REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF IT WORKS FOR YOU SO OTHERS WILL ALSO COME TO KNOW THAT IT WORKS [Hidden Content] Credits : iAppleTuber
  9. NOTE : To see the hidden content, click down below , AND PLEASE REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF IT WORKS FOR YOU SO OTHERS WILL ALSO COME TO KNOW THAT IT WORKS [Hidden Content] Credits : DinoZambas2
  10. I need somebody who could mod my blackops 2 account for free on ps3 , if there is someone please pm me :)

  11. [hide]Get This App Now Before Its Gone! Clean Up Storage FREE (NO Jailbreak NO Computer) iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Link - https://appsto.re/us/Vl-igb.i[/hide]
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