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  1. I dare you noobs to make a clash of clans save file hack Kappa

  2. When using DnSpy, I noticed that most tutorials modify IL instructions instead of changing the methods directly. Is there a difference?
  3. Yes this is the right answer. Now tell us why (==) isn't efficient to compare double variables?
  4. I mean you're showing if statements bases on one condition only so if{} else {} but you couls try putting If Else if Else if Else So they understand they can use multiple conditions
  5. Nice :) you should consider putting else if statements also ;)
  6. water is wet

    change my mind

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    2. Joka
    3. Crypto



    4. Raccas


      Water isn't wet because it is a liquid that wets things. Once you come into contact with water you become wet. Until then water is liquid and you are dry.

      Say you pour water on water, would u say the water is wet? No! But if you pour water on paper then the paper is wet. You cannot say water is wet but that it makes things wet. If you say water is wet you might as well say the fire is on fire not the house is on fire. I'm not saying that water is dry. I'm just saying that water is not wet. Water makes things wet

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