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  1. Ho comunque detto i requisiti,dai... se vuoi copio e incollo in 2 sec il tutorial
  2. Still on beta,check the website.
  3. Credo che almeno questo si sappia fare...ho comunque detto i requisiti, non mi sembra di aver scritto 'Tutorial' ho semplicemente fatto notizia
  4. Developer known as 'PsychoTea' released the Meridian Jailbreak recently Devices Supported: All 64-bit devices running 10.x - 10.3.3 iPhone 7 & 7+iPhone 6S & 6S+iPhone 6 & 6+iPhone SEiPhone 5SiPad Air 1 and 2iPad (2017)iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4iPad Pro 1 and 2 (12.9" and 10.5")iPod Touch 6th Gen The Jailbreak is still in beta stages (Currently in beta 5) Do You Want To Jailbreak ? Official Website : https://meridian.sparkes.zone/ Download : What you need: - Cydia Impactor (macOS, Windows & Linux): http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/ - A Apple ID to use with Cydia Impactor, it will need your login information, however it will not store it. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE CREATOR OF THIS JAILBREAK
  5. Yes I know,but I have installed facebook,instagram,twitter
  6. @DiDA when i try git clone --recursive https://github.com/theos/theos.git $THEOS Cloning into '/var/theos'... fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'https'
  7. It s normal Cydia take 88% of system partition??I don t have any tweak installed how to stash??
  8. Hello,When I click done on,filza tell me success but permission are 0755 armv64 ios 10.0.2 ipad air
  9. Help/Support Need help with Gdb error

    Thank you works
  10. Help/Support Need help with Gdb error

    https://ibb.co/dpSDmm https://ibb.co/jvMvz6
  11. Help/Support Need help with Gdb error

    https://ibb.co/dpSDmm https://ibb.co/jvMvz6
  12. Help/Support Need help with Gdb error

    I search in IDA Imports and I find only one syscalls
  13. Help/Support Need help with Gdb error

    Yes I see this but i try to hack Six Guns and when I search syscall and I do double click there is no functions and only ??????????? in hex
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