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  1. Hello @Rook, I already have a vip subscription activated and I just bought one. I am writing to you so that you could extend me the subscription. thanks Greetings.
  2. Hello, Anyone know from where I can download the IPA of the games to be able to install them with Sideloaldly?? Thank you
  3. Hello @Laxus I just did it, it already seems to work. thanks greetings.
  4. Hello, @Rook @Laxus I believe this topic, because I have been unable to install any app or game for about a week and a half, it downloads perfectly but it makes me resigning failed and it does not install. I don't know if I do something wrong or not .. but I have already updated the ipad to the latest version and also the iosgods app. I am looking forward to your response. Regards. Thank you.
  5. Hello, @Rook @Laxus

    Could you help me, I have been a week and a half without being able to install any app or game from iosgods +. It downloads but it makes me resigning failed, if this were because of my fayo, you could tell me how to solve it,
    Attached screenshot link.
    thanks and greetings.



    1. Laxus


      Please create a support topic with more details

  6. Hello @Rook can someone tell me, because the game does not load, the first download screen arrives and when it ends it stays there ... like blocked, could someone tell me something please
  7. Why can't I download the app of the new link that they have sent me? the page does not open .. it says that some error has occurred @Laxus
  8. Hello @Laxus my app++ has been revoke again.. I have only been able to use the 10 days since the last time it was revoked .. I think this is not fair .. please fix this.
  9. Hello @Laxus Because when I give custom install and install the game, it later tells me that the game center does not recognize the game and I cannot download my progress, does anyone know how to solve this? if i install it without custom install i have to delete the original ..
  10. Me no.. just click to install the game.. and the game doesn’t finish to install.. the app stay black...
  11. Because when I install an app, the app stays black and says: impossible to install try again later @Laxus
  12. Hello, I have been waiting 3 days for someone to help me, my application + has been revoked, I am waiting for the link to re-download it but nobody pays attention to me. could you help me I would appreciate. Thank you
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