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Status Updates posted by tadoba55

  1. I don't remember changing my device name to s8 in my profile... weird... anyway been ages since I seen this site, probably will be ages again when I see it again Lol, I'm just checking

    1. Amuyea


      I remember you

  2. 22 jul.... hmm does that mean last time I was was like 5 years ago ?

  3. life...is....life........I'm bored


    1. -khaled-


      Though it was "I GOT WEED"

    2. tadoba55


      Sry m9 I don't want cancer yet..

  5. FAK u all offline for a month..

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DanYal


      :o Where r u guing ? :p
    3. mitosis


      Are you taking Klepto?

    4. tadoba55


      Can't take kelpto gimme 1000$ first

  6. WHO LIKE god of war

  7. so... First congrats me... why? I broke my teeth eating candy... And now I'll have to go to the dentist which is the most place in the world that I hate......... Literally;-; if I didn't get back here is. My pass : gtfo

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Honeybee
    3. GalPal


      That sucks! I hate the dentist, top of my list. :(

    4. WheresWaldo


      at least u still got teeth, i got none and using dentures at age 30, i lost it at age 25 ( i blame the dentist from the military for pulling it all out)


  8. when you suck at something.......... NO GIF GTFO

  9. Let time answer your question....... look it u r self FFS

  10. when something is about fixing my shit im serouis but u d!cks are here wont help so ebery time something happen to my ipad i have to get someone to fix means --$$

  11. so yeah I'll never forget 2015 coz this year that every shit gone wrong phones gone boom ipad GINE boom shit gone boom so yeah

  12. A lot of hate on me ;-;

  13. dis place is being boring year after year

  14. Asshole U suck -tayoda55 -kloniax

  15. WUT

    1. tadoba55


      wtf I just was talking why did this come here ;-; mum is dat U?


  16. ahmmmm...l Apple?

  17. Life is boring without friends .-.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rook


      Wait? So I'm not your friend?

    3. --Techarmor--


      Raggnar, what do you mean go make some? You mean he needs to "make some friends"? That's possible? ****MindBlown******

    4. jayvee
  18. so...media said to say my life story..... I was browsing some shít and I found IG .-.

    1. tadoba55


      Dida* i FUKING love auto...


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