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  1. Ace Attorney is a great game but I've already completed it on my PlayStation. By the way, it's quite sad there are few games about the law. I just like this field and want to start a law firm like https://www.nyccriminallawyers.com/ someday. Hopefully, more game developers will make games about it.
  2. This app looks really nice and helpful Gonna check it out
  3. Thank you for sharing. The authorities always try to contain our right to watch and read the things we want. That's why VPN becomes really relevant and I usually use vpn for Public Wi-Fi because it works cool and I can read the articles I want during my way home, for example.
  4. Hello, community. Not long ago I decided to set a security system for my summer cottage because of recent frequent robbery reports and frankly speaking I don't know much about them. Do you use any? Can you advise one? So, besides decent security features, I need to operate it conveniently. I happened to read about ajax.systems. It's a professional wireless system which you can control and operate with your smartphone. And this feature drew my attention. So, if you know more system with such a user-friendly way of operating it can you write about them here? I want to compare them and then choose one.
  5. Fashion for me was always a difficult and complex field but I've wanted to learn more about it. Especially, aspects of makeups. I read regularly Nivea Creme Soft Reviews and other materials on cosmetics. It helps to figure out more about it.
  6. Frankly speaking, I've just started playing LoL and I'm still a noob. I was advised to read numerous guides and that's what I'm doing right now. I'm trying to figure out what Vaynespotting is. Quite an interesting article actually. I'm looking forward to implementing my new knowledge into actual gameplay.
  7. i7-8700k, RTX 2080, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD and 512 GB SSD. Also, want to add I want to buy someday a 360Hz monitor and I'll get a newer GPU for it when NVIDIA releases a new card. Quite a build, isn't it?
  8. When I choose tattoos I prefer to do it thoroughly. I mean every tattoo has its history, meaning. I take into account different aspects before picking any sketch which is gonna be put on my body. Right here there are useful and interesting articles about various tattoos which I read regularly.
  9. Are there any free movies? I have never heard of it. However, I thought of buying the best short throw projector which I have seen on goodbuytoday.com You know, it looks great and this is not very expensive. That's why I am going to ask my friends for advice and buy it
  10. Slots aren't my favourite game. I prefer poker and games which are not only about pure luck. I rely on my skill. By the way, before playing any online casino I read reviews like here https://www.allhighrollercasinos.com/playtech-casinos in order to find out all the pros and cons.
  11. Maybe it sounds boring but my current bizarre dream is to finish with house renovation. It's been lasting for 4 weeks and it will end only in a fortnight. Thankfully, decent tools and equipment like custom welding hoods are pretty useful for this. Should end soon without big difficulties.
  12. Lots of good recommandations. Thanks
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