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  1. Cydia Strore ❤️INSTALLATION❤️ •Install Cydia •Add Cydia repo •Search and installing this tweak •Respring Download [Hidden Content]
  2. What is Fruity Restore? Fruity Restore is a simple, userfriendly GUI for FutureRestore. It currently only supports Windows 7 ➜ Windows 10. Just select your blob, .ipsw, and choose your SEP or Baseband. You can also choose to use the newest SEP & Baseband. How to Download Download the .zip file. Unarchive it with WinRar, 7zip, etc. Open FruityRestore.exe. (You can create a desktop shortcut by: rightclick on file ➜ copy to ➜ Dekstop (Shortcut Icon)) Download Link [Hidden Content] WARNING: Don't forget to set your nonce before doing this! This is a critical step! Search on google how to do this, its very easy. Screenshot NOTE: Only use this program if you don't know how the terminal version of FutureRestore works. Fruity Restore is nothing more then a GUI version of it. I am not responsible for device damage. Use this tool as second option!
  3. ❤️Zeppelicator❤️ ❤️INSTALLATION❤️ •Install Cydia •Add Cydia repo •Search and installing this tweak •Respring Heres how it works: Open settings Scroll down to Zeppelicator (no icon yet) and open it Click create icon Choose photo from photos, name icon That's it, now if you go into Zeppelin, your icon will be there. *Note: images will automatically be size to 40 pixels tall, so it's usually a good idea to use a simple image for an icon. ❤️Download Link❤️ [Hidden Content]
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