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  1. APK Mod [FREE STORE] Tap Titans 2 v2.5.6 Cheats +4

    I'll try to fix it over the weekend. I have exams for the next three days.
  2. APK Mod [FREE STORE] Tap Titans 2 v2.5.6 Cheats +4

    Happens to me too for a minute or two, but eventually shows the game screen.
  3. Locked This topic is now closed to further replies.
  4. Cydia Iphone 7 10.3.1 Jailbreak?

    Substrate works on it?
  5. APK Mod [FREE STORE] Tap Titans 2 v2.5.6 Cheats +4

    Too late, I just updated it. I'm busy with school this upcoming week. Updated to v2.5.6! Enjoy!
  6.  Hack Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.7.2 Cheats +10

    Updated to v1.7.2! Enjoy!
  7. Are you rooted? Make sure Root Explorer is enabled on your File Manager.
  8. Hide your content by using the code: [hide]link(s)[./hide] Don't add the period.
  9. Did you download the APK from PlayStore before placing the modded files?
  10. Help/Support Flex for Windows?

    This topic was moved from General Talk to Help & Support.
  11. Try this alternative method for ROOTED Devices: 1) Download the modded APK & extract the lib folder. Inside the lib folder, there should be a armeabi-v7a folder, extract the files inside it. 2) Place those modded files or just "libil2cpp.so" where you can easily remember. 3) Download the APK from APKPure or the PlayStore. 4) Go to /data/data/org.gamesamba.TokyoGhoul/lib and delete the old files or just the "libil2cpp.so" 5) Go to the location where you put the modded files. Place it on /data/data/org.gamesamba.TokyoGhoul/lib and it should work. Note: Only for rooted devices. I haven't tried the method, but I've done it on other games before.
  12. I can, but I have a harder time doing that. Testing those crash my game a lot.
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