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  1. Hi everyone ~ this is just an update from me to you about the new update for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (version 12.3.0)

    I appreciate everyone reaching out to me about the new update and hope everyone is doing well!

    But during this time I will no longer be able to update every mod (for iOS & Android for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood version 12.3.0) I need to take a break from modding the game due to real life issues I'm currently going through

    I'm willing to do it for the next update and the updates after that I just need time to re-collect all my thoughts and settle down for a quick break ~ I hope you guys don't mind & I hope that I can bring out more content for you guys soon!

    I hope this doesn't make you guys feel like I'm leaving for good I am just taking a very quick break ( about a  month of time for the break)

    Thank you for understanding I will see you guys soon <3 

    1. Rook


      Good luck with your issues and take care!

      If you need help with updates, let me know!

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