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  1. I see. I thought it would use the vpn as original Lazarus did, that’s why it seemed a bit fishy.
  2. this is the binary from lazarusjailed https://mega.nz/#!rl4WSQ4Q!tF6Hn9sVXMvr-pTapcaMB2t_C8GTwiKulmCjNnR9I3Q this is the binary from original lazarusproject I built just now https://mega.nz/#!es4CjaLQ!vHDKzN2keRUfBZLeR4jptKPu7sjnTjHll_ZYNi6wFC8 I reversed both, voucher_swap binary contains literally nothing that would reference to any vpn activity, apart from a few strings that says: __cstring:000000010000CF8A 00000010 C Revokes Blocked __cstring:000000010000CF9A 00000014 C [+] Revokes Blocked __cstring:000000010000CFAE 0000000E C Block Revokes __cstring:000000010000D1F0 00000011 C Blocking Revokes __cstring:000000010000D267 00000015 C Disabled app revokes __objc_methname:000000010000E819 0000000F C disableRevokes
  3. so I went to reverse this app and found this so far. voucher_swap bundled into the IPA but nothing else. as I browse strings I found this, __cstring:000000010000D0E3 0000004B C /Users/josephshenton/Desktop/LazarusJailed/voucher_swap/voucher_swap/log.c which lead to this 🤔
  4. how come he never updated source code to 1.1.2 on GitHub 🤔? Also I don't understand how kernel exploit would be relevant to certificate revokes (maybe I miss something). someone please explain
  5. How is this different from this? https://github.com/useignition/Lazarus
  6. I wonder if anyone experienced anything like this 0.0 if I change the binary to hacked binary impactor crashes and wouldn't install the app. otherwise it installs it fine.
  7. I did on 6.8. Haven’t really played around with 7.0’s debugger on 64bit, that’s why I was wondering if anyone did.
  8. binary ninjas, binjatron plugin does something like that.
  9. I wonder how ida 7 debugger deals with aslr. does it auto calculates it and corrects it or need to do it manually.
  10. I meant if he gets a 2nd hand one, check that with a file recovery tool. Sometimes people sell hdd that had illegal stuff on it pronwise, and you don’t want to own stuff like that. Defo better off buying new one, they ain’t that expensive nowadays.
  11. it's wise to run a file recovery on it just in case there was anything dodgy on it.
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