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  1. Glad you like the topic!, I try to put quality stuff in this forum, cool stuff, tweaks, apps, functions, actual hacks( But they are like.. borderline black hatty") which we might be getting soon but I first have to talk with DiDa or.. Rook as we call him now and reflect on what i'm about to post in regards the forum rules so.. yeah I try to put my heart and soul into this kinda stuff but yeah stay tuned.
  2. For sure LOL, btw, my friend also had 12.4.1 on his XR also didn't work on his end, so Super Duper confirmation there and add IOS 13.3 to that list btw which is my current IOS version.
  3. Thanks for mentioning the specific IOS version I will take note of that. Also nowhere does it say it was specifically Only for IOS 13.4.1. It says there were reports for that IOS version which leaved me questioning that it's probably from the majority of people always updated to whatever the next IOS update that apple provides (the none-beta ones obviously...) Since the article expresses IOS 13.4.1 issues in that manner I can assume anything at that point. Plus the articles that came in when I first read them were fresh so I could only wait for more info. The re-formatting information isn't crap. It assures you doing everything correctly. Neither area coming from youtube or the articles made confirmations of lower IOS versions Not being affected. So in that assumption i'm like well.. I don't have a research facility of idevices where I can test every IOS version so I made IOSGods.com my test subjects , Im going to make some edits on the new info later today on some stuff I did on my side and your experience so people know for later viewings of the topic. Also this is turning into a place where it serves as a source for curious people not wanting to wait around for Youtuber's and Articles as well. (Is it any faster? ehh but its better than nothing imo atleast.)
  4. Saying that It only works on 13.4.1 seems like a little more than a stretch... of the reality. Cant speak too too much about any of the IOS 12 versions but Apple has had for IOS 12 - 12.0.1, 12.1, 12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.1.3, 12.1.4, 12.2, 12.3 12.3.1,12.3.2, 12.4, 12.4.1, 12.4.2, 12.4.3, 12.4.4, 12.4.5, and 12.4.6 as far as their versions go..(not mentioning whatever current versions is out for IOS 13 and.. everything in between prior to IOS 12... Now, Figuring out if someone has a specific IOS version is a little more than tough, but if you have an IOS version where this doesn't seem to work or it seems that YOU know the target has an Idevice with a hunch that he may have a version in which it doesn't seem affected(meaning anything below IOS 13.4.1..., either that or they know how to fix it lol and don't bother complaining(on the first encounter with the text bomb unlikely).. but If they are on previous versions of IOS like say 7-8... and through 11 perhaps, Youtube is filled with Links that crash iphones.. Remember Effective Power? god those were good times.. anyway I was doing some research and IOS 12... as far as exploits go.. like it was a moment of dead silence for this kind of thing, even the Black hole text bug got patched in IOS 12. The funny part is, the more text bug/bombs they find the easier it will be for older versions to be used/rekt for this kind of thing. I forgot to ask in the beginning of this Ramble... to tell me.. What is the SPECIFIC IOS version You are on, when you used this?(Go to your settings in find out cause "just IOS 12" is a bit vague, thanks). So that way I know what i'm looking for. That way, perhaps You can send 1 text with like 5 different text bombs/bugs crashing links from now and the past Just in case for those Pesky people that just don't go down on Idevices.
  5. Can you elaborate on what exactly have you done? with the text, who was your target?(you do not have to be that specific on that), the method you used to attempt and utilize the Sindhi text? Basically what did you do to try this out. Among other things something I found for example is I figured out that if i copy the Sindhi text onto "notes app", then onto Discord, and back into notes, The Sindhi text is reformatted and different exactly what I warned could happen.
  6. if you actually read my topic requirements from top to bottom, It mentions a little "side note" that it does not work on discord - from what I have tested That would be pretty nice but, unfortunately that is not the case. Try Twitter, Whatsapp, IMessage, Facebook maybe..?
  7. The funniest thing to me is, If you are on or have an andriod device, hell even a windows phone You are gonna have a fun time lol
  8. Because you need to reply to the topic to have access to the "hidden content." I'm assuming you can now because you technically replied no?
  9. Update: Yeah next time, be a champ or a doll and DM me that my content isn't actually hidden via reply spoiler function thanks... shesh 30+ something people saw this thread and just popped the spoiler like it was nothing without telling me. That wasn't very cash money side note: yeah yeah it's my fault whatever
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