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  1. Hi, I make minecract mods. I also fell for a free minecraft ad and had a keylogger installed without me knowing. My identity and visa were stolen aswell as many of my personal accounts like mediafire so my links were wiped. But I was able to get everything undercontrol, can't recover the links or anything but I will make more minecraft hacks soon.

    1. TheArmKing


      That explains your name :sad:

    2. 1Jakey


      Can't tell if troll or not...

  2. But duggo waz making tuts :'(

  3. I am not saying I like Trump, but if he really is going to make america great again, HE BETTER SEE THE FUTURE AND ASSASINATE RETARDS THAT MAKE STUPID TRENDS LIKE "damn daniel" "hi there" 'bottle flip' and now "rawr xD". YES, doggo is angry.

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    2. Dannyyy


      lets go trump

    3. TheArmKing


      First things First : Doge Trend

    4. Grim-Reaper


      What he said ^

    5. Incognite
    6. Incognite


      The doge trend was already dead for years, leave me alone -_-

  4. i thought we wer friends iG, no, u attak deh duggo and now doggo is hangry. urs will pay for wat urve done.

    1. TheArmKing
    2. Rook


      Doge please no! I regret it ;_;

  5. December, the month were every app adds a stupid limited time deal that is "Christmas exclusive" and were dumb people actually buy the deal.

    1. Liderluigi


      Well, let people buy that because otherwise, games wont be free... Games are not made by magic.

    2. Incognite


      R u disrespecting doge?

  6. Everyone has something to do with Christmas in their status, me as doge will act like doge celebrate it :) MERRY CHRISTMAS

  7. Finally moving from a Q6600 to a 6700k :D

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    2. Incognite


      if 6700k is big... what is a 6950x :D

    3. Joka


      now u can play club penguin in ultra

    4. Incognite
    5. Michaelfuee


      rip should of waited for Ryzen or Kaby Lake

    6. Incognite
  8. Doge Train, Doge Train! Take me where I wanna go!

  9. Why is the sky blue?

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    2. Naval


      Why am i a senior member?

    3. Incognite


      why am I doge?

    4. Crypto


      Why are you not a real doge?

    5. Crypto
    6. Incognite


      why does no one believe doge?

  10. At November 8, we will rather go to war, or we will have riots on our streets. So exciting :D

  11. One day,,,, I will make DiDa marry me... One day... Not Today,,, But One Day

    1. Pro
    2. ___Aaki___
    3. Amuyea


      He already married to Klepto js

    4. Incognite


      Guess I'll have to kidnap him.

  12. I wish I could actually make patchers right off of my computer :(

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    2. Incognite


      Theos started giving me all kinds of errors to the point where I just gave up and sold my phone.

    3. Incognite


      :3 I'm a simple man :3
  13. Fact: Red blood is actually green.

    1. Incognite
    2. Archangel04


      actually, it is red... Oxygen or Carbon dioxide, blood is always red because of RBCs. If there were no RBCs it would be white and you would be dead

  14. When you're trying to make your first code injection be like http://i.imgur.com/gcpW3AE.gif

    1. 1Jakey


      When you are going Que

  15. How do you say...thank you in idiot?

    1. mitosis


      I believe DiDA can help you with that

    2. Incognite
    3. 1Jakey
  16. Warning: Meteor Shower Of Code Injections Coming Your Way!

  17. Haters don't hate you. They hate themselves because you are the reflection of what they can't be.

  18. Another predictable day, with what screenz is gonna say...

  19. Happy Fathers Day Dida \(-_-)/

  20. I can't find one single GFX request without someone already taking care of it!

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    2. Incognite


      Unless you're a proffesional like Kloniax :p

    3. Incognite



    4. Sakswa


      I'm not a professional, but charging for work that you are good at, isn't crazy. There's no other way to make money with art, unless you sit on the street and beg.

    5. Incognite
    6. TwiiX


      Ok ok I'll think of something

  21. America: Pay Taxes & Die...

  22. Just a prank, chill out!

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