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  1. Ah yeah, so it does require root then. I'm glad that it works for you, mate
  2. Uhh, I don't know if it works properly without root, just try it out and tell me if it did
  3. The newest version ( apparently only has bug fixes and it's a pretty tedious process to mod the game, so I'll wait until they release a new version with additional content, otherwise it's not really worth it. (Who knows though, maybe I'll do it when I'm bored and have some spare time 👀)
  4. HProtect decrypts the encrypted global-metadata.dat file and it also acts as an "anti cheat" solution
  5. The issue is not related to the mod or the game, it's your phone. The Moto G is 8 years old and is therefore pretty sluggish
  6. Das ist das allererste Mal dass ich hier einen deutschen Kommentar sehe 😄 Ich war mir zu 100% sicher dass man sich nicht anmelden kann wenn man die modifizierte Version vom Spiel hat, aber es scheint wohl doch zu gehen. Wie dem auch sei, freut mich dass es bei dir geklappt hat, und danke für den ausführlichen Kommentar und die netten Worte
  7. I see. If I were you I would have downloaded the newest version and started from scratch since this version offers bug fixes, new content etc etc, so it's worth it
  8. That's weird, why do so many people have that issue? Works perfectly fine for me at least Thanks for the tutorial tho, I appreciate it
  9. Hm, I see. I wanted a non - encrypted version of the metadata.dat file which you need for finding the offsets of the functions in il2cpp games, and this was the only solution that came to my mind. How would you approach this? Thanks for your reply btw ^^
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