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Community Answers

  1. Try using the supercharge method instead, vnodebypass disables tweaks afaik
  2. I'm still using it right now on the same phone and ios as you. I recommend uninstalling the tweak via supercharge and then doing it all over again, make sure that your dylib file is set to mobile for both perms.
  3. Have you tried the supercharge app method? It's this pin
  4. your flair hasnt been updated to show what device and ios you're on. I gave the only advice I know of and that's the pins.
  5. Are you really on an iphone 6s+ on ios 10.3.3? Sorry but the only two methods I know are listed in the pins towards the top of the page. Try them out and see if they help you.
  6. @Laxusplease update the mod to v1.2.7 when you can. Thanks in advance!
  7. High chance, yes. Try not to use OHKO for anything, use god mode sparingly, do not score a ridiculous amount of points.
  8. Dude, they sell acrylic box ones now that are AMAZING, set up is easy and smoke is decent. Perfect for a couple of bowls. Favorite flavor right now is spiced chai tea with a little mint. damn makes me want some shay bin leben
  9. try starting over from scratch and follow my instructions posted exactly. I think there might have been a step you missed, maybe setting the file permissions to mobile. many thanks!
  10. @Laxus Please update the mod to v1.2.6. You always come through so thanks in advance!
  11. Man I told you guys to stay away from using this mod anywhere that other players are involved.
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