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  1. For all "hackers" out here, I see that Dead By Daylight hasn't been hacked, yet it's a popular game request.

    On android, this game is unencrypted (all function names are shown). Meaning, you can find stuff on android & then find it in the iOS binary as well by looking for close by strings / instruction patterns.

    This is a common technique, which can be applied on lot's of games. This way you don't have to debug the hell out of the game.

    1. Logic.


      U think it’s hackable then?

    2. Logic.


      It has been hacked now on another forum

  2. Anyone some cool coding project ideas?

    1. Laxus


      Aimbot for noob like me please

    2. K_K


      Being able to debug on A13 sevices would be nice 🤪

    3. Ashjgsmith


      Monster legends please!!

  3. Anyone knows the stability with hooking on the new unc0ver jailbreak?

    1. TurboLo


      No, I am actually trying to figure out the same thing as well

    2. Laxus


      Nah still sucks

    3. chocoMVP
  4. mod apk doesn’t exists on iOS. Meaning you can’t delete it, which means you didn’t delete it
  5. iOS doesn’t have APK’s. Remove the hack from Cydia if you have issues with it.
  6. oh yes daddy

    1. Ted2


      @Laxus I just deleted your comment, I want a better one

    2. Laxus
    3. Ted2


      thx bro

  7. First of all, you aren't supposed to be able to do this. Meaning, if you want to figure out how it's been done you have to reverse engineer the hack, just like you have to reverse engineer the game. Secondly, I posted Blitz Brigade offsets, where Joka's hack was based on: https://iosgods.com/topic/73898-blitz-brigade-v350-3/ This topic title tells which version it was for, so you can work from there. Lastly, if you're gonna use someone else's work, make sure to credit them. No one like leechers who take credit for things they did not make.
  8. Was a suggestion, not issue report . Anyways, awesome job looks very fresh
  9. Cool stuff. Suggestion: The switch from ARM to HEX or HEX to ARM is not really clear on what it does (to me), so might make that more clear Question: What's this based on?
  10. A armconverter alternative for now: http://shell-storm.org/online/Online-Assembler-and-Disassembler/

    Use option: AArch64 

    MOV W0, #0 = "\x00\x00\x80\x52"
    "\x00\x00\x80\x52" = 0x00008052

    1. D red

      D red


    2. absolut1on


      thank you😘

  11. Hi, I'm writing a bot for a game, which is going pretty well. However, there's one thing where I'd have to send a ID within the request, the ID has a specific format but when I recreate this format, the request is invalid. So I was wondering if there's some pattern finding tool out there that can find patterns in those working ID's: "b312c64c-b2f3-4e52-901e-250c24b6f2e1" "cf378a46-88f4-4d96-a917-c3a3ab4ffacd" "b8070132-2310-4855-8b60-b0b7c7bbf389" "4ff3cb35-3e0a-47a3-a84a-ef312dd672ce" "000536fc-88df-43dc-a48c-c631aedc25a3" "22254f63-a33b-4748-9e35-289f4604ff7b" "9c6ccadc-ca4b-4a4b-be4c-8827fcf1afb3" "6bba803c-647e-484d-8be6-54ed006d5323" "cabff750-b883-4af0-a647-8f28aeb8ae76" "0dc8e449-9661-4257-9299-942043f6407a" "fc11814f-8ae1-4a51-84dc-637a05c0e255" The only common thing I see is: The format is always the same, the '4' after the second '-' is always in the same place. Also, it's a-f & 0-9 If anyone happens to know a tool or can see something pattern worthy with your eyes, please let me know Thxx
  12. No programming knowledge then, I assume?
  13. Ted2

    Can I get chatbox unban at 30K community reputation?

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Ted2


      Lol what?! Who planted the idea in your head that you can not join other communities? That’s a really weird thing lol, I mean I understand that people who get paid shouldn’t he releasing hacks on other communities for free, but why can’t they talk to people? Learn from them, help them, collab with them etc? 

    3. absolut1on


      ^_^Nobody planted anything.Just that other communities stolen codes from here and used them for their own forum.This makes them non-friendly communities for iosgods. 

    4. Ted2


      You know people on here do that as well right? Though I don’t think this is the best place to have this discussion.

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