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  1. do sdks come with all headers? i mean vector and other stuff nice tool btw
  2. not protection, i had same problem, idk how i did fix it lmao
  3. If you are getting same error, that mean the binary is so small.
  4. the metadata bigger than binary / binray size smaller than 10m in English, you can’t dump the game.
  5. i will search for correct function and give u the code
  6. update : everything work but it’s the wrong offset
  7. int(*old_get_PointsKillMultiplier)(void *this_); int get_PointsKillMultiplier(void *this_) { int userAmount = [[switches getValueFromSwitch:@"Custom Points:"] intValue]; if([switches isSwitchOn:@"Custom Points:"]) { return userAmount; } return old_get_PointsKillMultiplier(this_); } int(*old_get_GemsRewardForKill)(void *this_); int get_GemsRewardForKill(void *this_) { int userAmount = [[switches getValueFromSwitch:@"Custom Gems:"] intValue]; if([switches isSwitchOn:@"Custom Gems:"]) { return userAmount; } return old_get_GemsRewardForKill(this_); } void setup() { HOOK(0x1015AD440, get_PointsKillMultiplier, old_get_PointsKillMultiplier); HOOK(0x1015A9F84, get_GemsRewardForKill, old_get_GemsRewardForKill); [switches addTextfieldSwitch:@"Custom Points:" description:@"Here you can enter your own points amount!" inputBorderColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:0.74 green:0.00 blue:0.00 alpha:1.0]]; [switches addTextfieldSwitch:@"Custom Gems:" description:@"Here you can enter your own coins amount!" inputBorderColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:0.74 green:0.00 blue:0.00 alpha:1.0]]; } try this, hope it work
  8. hey, i can’t post the menu, maybe i can but the game update every sec
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