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  1. It’s kinda bugged while using this hack but While I was testing I accidentally opened the debug menu 0_o.. idk how I was in backpack and I moved crossbow from top to bottom and out of nowhere the menu opened which has lots of options to do in the game. You can disable ads activate premium use custom skins and edit buffs more and more
  2. Mediafire blocked the OBB file. maybe try This websites download manager next time. and an update would be nice 😛
  3. Please vote what you think. This does not mean that we will or anything, just want to see if people want this. The server wouldn't be to contact the admin for posts or anything but more to help each other out with stuff and general talk etc.
  4. Since it got autoupdate I thought let’s test, but nope it doesn’t work. Probably for the better. If it did work they will ban. They have a transfer check on all accounts receiving diamonds, kind of an auto invalid currency receive detector.
  5. Wasn’t it possible to mod another thing in this game? Not just vip
  6. So proud to see how you have grown over the years 🤧
  7. Tested on iPhone XS max, iOS 13.5.1. All features work and even game center login works. But then again the game center was never the issue for me. Was it not possible to unlock VIP btw? guess receiving gem is server sided which is weird. oh well. Good job tho great hack!
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