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  1. Hi, I would like to transfer my UDID because I have change to new iphone, below is my details, thanks!

    Old UDID - 00008020-00051cd8216a002e

    New UDID - 00008101-0015482434D0001E

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    2. Aka88
    3. Laxus


      @Aka88 The infomation still goes throug after you clicked the button, so just wait for the transfer complete or check your email. Or go to install.iosgods.com on your new device and try out

    4. Aka88


      I did the transfer method few days ago, but unluckily I didn't received any email from iosgods yet. About the install.iosgods.com in new device, i proceed and reach till the "Sorry page, thie device is not yet activated to be able to use the IOSGODS APP+".

    5. Rook


      @Aka88 PM me so I can check. 😞

    6. Aka88


      Old UDID - 00008020-00051cd8216a002e

      New UDID - 00008101-0015482434D0001E


      There you go sir @Rook

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