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Status Updates posted by Rook

  1. April Spring Event on 4/20! New iPad!

    1. JUSTINthebeast


      whats apple doin this time

    2. Laxus
  2. We're looking in to why some users are receiving the "Integrity cannot be verified" popup in App+. We're looking for some users who experience this issue to do some tests!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. JUSTINthebeast


      @Rook what problem did they report?

    3. Rook


      No issue in normal app, integrity issue on App+

    4. JUSTINthebeast


      strange... if they can open app+ since it isnt a profile then should they be able to download apps herrrm

  3. Oh god, it’s that day today

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JUSTINthebeast


      Never Gonna run around and desert you

    3. cu_rry


      where's my admin role

    4. K_K


      Never gonna make you cry
      Never gonna say goodbye
      Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

      Awesome Song !😂😂

  4. Sideloadly 0.18.1 improves functionality on older macOS versions! :)

  5. If anyone is interested in making a video for Sideloadly so we can update the one in the topic, let me know!



    1. JUSTINthebeast


      u still need the vid?

  6. iOSGods App now shows the IPA name when using the Sideloadly install link! :)

  7. Why are people asking for relationship advice in Help & Support section?

  8. Sideloadly 0.18.0 Update

    - Added the option to remove App PlugIns before sideloading
    - Improved the Anisette option so now it's less confusing
    - Added support for older macOS versions
    - Fixed an issue where Sideloadly URL scheme would not start downloading when Sideloadly was opened

    1. JUSTINthebeast


      Is there a way for an iPAd 3 will work? it says that 9.3.5 will not manage bundle id. And then says cannot find arm64?

    2. Rook


      That should work, however most of our apps only support ARM64 devices nowadays.

    3. JUSTINthebeast
  9. The next version of Sideloadly will have the option to remove app PlugIns as well as other cool features! Thanks to @Laxus for the suggestion :)

  10. iOSGods App+ has been updated to support latest unc0ver as well as iOS 14.5!

    1. Laxus


      That was fast POGGERS

  11. Sideloadly 0.17.3 now supports the latest unc0ver Jailbreak on the latest devices!

    1. 0xNoctis


      Has this been tested to be able to fully jailbreak tho? usually it will get stuck on 9/30 and force a app crash

    2. 0xNoctis


      i have heard that the Devs are cracking down on piracy which meaning nothing other then altstore should work 

      Could explain why sideloady never worked for me idk 

    3. Rook


      @0xNoctis Yep! Tested and working now. :)

  12. Unc0ver 6.0.1 fixes the iGameGod crashes :happydance:

    1. JUSTINthebeast


      Does this work for the values appearing? or just for igamegod crashing

  13. Sneak peek at the new Sideloadly version coming soon! :)


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Max-Q


      😎Maybe integrated. Sideloading in  app+ could solve the problem if another app is revoked when you are not home. Or home but you dont want to sideload with pc evey app, if you have different games/apps on your device installed in different  days. Could be handy? 

    3. Zahir


      Multiple app install?

    4. Rook


      The problem is the Sideloadly iOS app requires signing itself, so that’s already taking 1/3 apps and will constantly require resigning if it’s free accounts and resigning will require a PC and that defeats the purpose.

      So there’s no proper way to make it free and convenient.

  14. If you're waiting for me to get to your PM, I will be replying to all PMs in a few hours. Sorry for the delay!

  15. iOSGods App is currently re-signed again!

  16. More sparkling effects have been added to Display Name Customizations! :)

  17. Happy Valentines Day Everyone! <3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Max-Q



    3. JUSTINthebeast
    4. SubSeven
  18. Fed7 emote has been removed after it was brought to my attention what he's done. Sorry everyone! Blame @Klepto for adding it!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zahir


      After one google search, I learnt he got kicked out of offlinetv for something

    3. Rook


      Klepto told me he sexually harassed women.

    4. Zahir


      That's not good :/ 

  19. App is signed again!

  20. App is being re-signed :)

  21. App+ has also been updated! If your apps are crashing or failing to sign, reinstall your iOSGods App+. A forced update will be sent soon!

  22. Sideloadly for macOS is now out! https://iosgods.com/topic/130167-introducing-sideloadly-working-cydia-impactor-alternative/?do=findComment&comment=4107220

    If you can make some better screenshots, send them to me. :teehee:

    1. Max-Q


      Omg @Rook 💪💪💪

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