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  1. Locked This topic is now closed to further replies.
  2. General

    @TheArmKing That should only happen when loading You mean topic ratings?
  3. Pm when you got time, I got a proposition. 

  4. There is possibile have some updates for the vip non jb hacks?tried 6-7 games all request updates ,so  cannot play ,1 worked ,1 blocks at beggining! thanks buddy!as u see i reaquired advanced vip :D

    Edited by Lorenzo26
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lorenzo26


      buddy people have alot stuff to do here and with this jb so hard to keep, and especially to have, less people involve in stuff like that , crackimg, hacking ios apps, etc! i hope the best 

    3. Amuyea


      1 hour ago, DeoV said:

      They don't care about non jb hacks m8.. I'm waiting for my non jb hack update, since march 20... still nothing...:sorry:

      Which one?

    4. DeoV
  5. A few apps got updated on the same day so hack updates will be delayed.

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    2. Bdeer



    3. Joka



      Edited by Joka
    4. KFCzZz


      No more hax


      All because of DiDA 

  6. The editor buttons only display on desktops, yes. And no bbcode right now.
  7. Introduction

    Thanks and welcome.
  8. Quoting is also tagging btw
  9. I'm aware of the update so if everyone of you would stop tagging me, the update will come faster.
  10. Crowns and resources is the reason people are getting banned.
  11. This has received only a few replies in 2 months. Feels like time wasting updating this.
  12. hi


    1. jc277


      Please update. Thank you.

  13. Locked This topic is now closed to further replies.
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