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  1. Today
  2. I M      B A C K        B O I S SS SS SS SS

  3. happy norouz

    happy new year to all iranians and persians💙🐷

  4. Need for speed no limits hack update plzzz

  5. Your awsome and keep up the amazing work you all do and hope your well bro 

  6. Please update marvel future fight vip hack 

    1. DiDA


      Update is coming soon! Be sure to regularly check the official topic on iOSGods or the iOSGods App so you know when it's out. :)

    2. Jakenitro720


      Alright thanks

  7. Yesterday
  8. Keep up the great and awsome work you all do and appreciate everything you do for us hope your well bro 

  9. Thank you for all this amazing effort😍

  10. everyone,
    May God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi.

    1. Ysz_jayc


      Thank you for gifting us these hacks thank you we’re all so Grateful 

    2. Joey


      What the f*** is god? sounds like a nice steak

    3. Agacy


      Thankss, Amen.

  11. can i get my achivement for profile visits?

    1. Joka


      You botted them, sad.

    2. B4ntu


      How can i do that?


  12. Who can explain how to find offsets and hacked HEX correctly?Kappa
    All done, it remains only to find the right offsets and hacked HEX pepehands

    1. Archangel04


      Finding offsets and hacking Hex is the entirety of making a hack basically. 

    2. TheArmKing
  13. Subscribe to PewDiePie right f***ing now thanks.

  14. You guys are awesome

  15. Keep up the great and awsome work you all do and appreciate everything you do for us 

    1. Laxus
    2. Jkay01


      Anytime you guys deserve it :) and your all awsome 

  16. It's okay to eat fish cause they don't have any feelings. 'Something in the way mmm.

    1. Zahir


      So I guess it's okay to eat me too. I too don't hve feelings pepehands 

  17. Your awsome and keep up the amazing work you do :) 

  18. Last week
  19. hii..what mean your nick'name?! 

    1. iwnat


      i dont know when i opened this account i just write this name and it was good 

    2. cucukicu
  20. hii--is that from Mortal Combat!!?!?

  21. he hey Bantu!! 🤩🤩🤩

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    2. B4ntu


      how are you?

    3. cucukicu


      great .. almost finish my work

      and u

    4. B4ntu


      im just playing some league of angels on my phone :D

  22. winni minni maini moo...bla bla bla 😜👀🤩🤩🤩🤣🤣🤣bored

  23. hello 👍🤩

    1. bR34Kr
    2. cucukicu


      nice nick'name..i just want to know that mean what is look or ..Nice one !! 

  24. ... i need help .. pls wwh

  25. In love with this song



    1. cucukicu
    2. spiritoflife


      @laxus in love with u <3 

    3. Removal88


      Few years back song, the singer from Taiwan.
      It was popular on that year itself on the billboard.


  26. Sent you a pm and apologize for slow reply bro just been dealing with some stuff and your awsome 

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      Hack Features
      - God Mode / Enemy Does 1 Damage / Never Die. May be a bit buggy.
      - High Damage / Damage Multiplier / One Hit Kill. Kill enemies with 1 hit.
      - No Skill Cooldown Time. Instant skill use without having to wait for reuse.
      - No Special Skill Cooldown Time. Instant special skill use without having to wait 120+ seconds to reuse it.
      - No Cooldown Time To Swap Heroes. Swap heroes instantly anytime.
      - Assistant Will Never Leave Once Called. Assistant will be available during the whole map once called.
      - Heroes Level 60. Level 60 heroes have higher HP and Damage output. The hack makes them lvl 60 in-game. However, when turned off, the heroes will be the level they previously were.
      - Infinite Buff Time. When swapping a hero, you gain a shield around him/her. That shield will stay with you throughout the rest of the game thus making you invincible.
      - Enemies Don't Move & Attack! An (better) alternative to God Mode. Enemies do not move or attack you therefore you cannot die.
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