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  1. Past hour
  2. Can anyone confirm status of app+ mine has not worked since this morning i even reset my phone and nothing, is it revoked??

  3. Is anyone els having problems with the app++ is it working for y’all

    1. DanteSkywalker


      Mine isn't working either, i'm guessing its revoked

    2. Dragon00019


      It was just fix yesterday tho lol 

    3. DanteSkywalker


      Yeah i know i purchased the app+ yesterday lol only lasted till this morning

  4. Today
  5. Hi Zahir. Can you look again over Fishing Clash? Thank you.

    1. Error.


      Aye-Aye Captain 

  6. Hello everyone.

  7. Yesterday
  8. Laxus I love you

  9. @LaxusPlz update Almighty god clicker to 2.8.1

  10. Last week
  11. For those who are interested, I wrote a bot for a game: https://github.com/joeyjurjens/Fest-Bot

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    2. Ted2


      Yeah I tried, I haven't been able to figure it out sadly.
      But what I have now, works great so once I've free time I might try again

    3. bR34Kr
    4. Ted2
  12. Who’s your daddy

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    2. Ted2
    3. Agacy
    4. bR34Kr


      Alright you got me, I’m my mommy you’re my daddy

  13. @Laxus @Rook

    The King of Fighters ALLSTAR v1.6.5 - [ x Player Damage & More ]

    The issue we're having is that the mod menu does not populate when the bypass is enabled when playing the game.

    If it's NOT enabled we can see the mod menu options, iosgods does it's normal checks but afterwards Netmarble notates (security error) and the game crashes.  

    So that's the long and short of it.

    We just want it to work.

    Thanks for the quick reply 

  14. @Laxus plz update Almighty god clicker to 2.8.1

  15. Hope your well and keep being awesome 

  16. @Laxus plz update Almighty god clicker to 2.8.1

  17. Yooo guys ! I just finished my new Ep "Stardust" ! 
    For every song bought, 75% will be donated to a charity. So if you want to supporting me and a charity, please buy my music. I don't care of money, I just want to see everyone happy and healthy. Thanks again, my new pop song "Echo" is out in 4 day's, so make sure to listening and buying, so everyone can be happy !

    - Doritos4ever 

    1. Max-Q


      :wub:Echo is so awesome. Listen it few times in a row. :shmoo:You doing great music buddy.



      Thank you so much ☺️ It means a lot for me buddy 🙏🙏

  18. Hey @K_K Any way to update Hexonia. Thx mate

  19. What now iosgod


  20. Hello

    hack of fishing strike worked ??

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    2. tomdack89


      Pls test the hack!!

    3. tomdack89


      Ồ b test hộ m xem hack game fishing strike còn hoạt động k vs 

      để m còn mua vip 

      chơi mỗi game đó lên sợ k hoạt động mua vip lại phí

    4. Jake Ryan

      Jake Ryan

      All versions thì chức năng hack nó tự động cập nhật lên phiên bản mới nhất mà @tomdack89

  21. @Laxus plz update Almighty god clicker to 2.8.1

    Thx mate

  22. Simon's says : Everyone donating to an association !



      (I donated 15$ to a mental health association from Canada)

      Please donating if you can 🙏

    2. bR34Kr


      Nice initiative!

  23. please update exos heroes v2.8, thanks boss

    1. Laxus
    2. judasneo


      thank you so much

    3. devillynx


      @Laxus notice that the Exos Heroes v2.8 hack is different from the screenshot you posted, whereas there is no "Auto Win" feature.
      Could it be it was uploaded with wrong version, hence the reason why it was having error code 5 issue?

  24. Hi , do you know the function for skillcolldown for grandchase global? 

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