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Submit your unique iOS device setups! Show off tweaks & themes you put together to make your device one of a kind. Share your favourite tweaks, themes, etc. whatever you use to create an awesome look for your device. Looking forward to seeing people's awesome setups + tweak & theme choices! I'll give moderation privileges to active club members.

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  2. Any iOS non Jb rules of survival cheat anti ban android non rooted cheat easy install
  3. Hi is someone help me to jailbreak my ios12.0 tnx
  4. can anyone explain to me what is good to be on Jailbreak? i'm gonna try it.
  5. @Aziz22 There is no jailbreak for iOS 11.4.1 at the moment. https://coolstar.org/electra/ - Last compatible version is 11.3.1
  6. How to jailbreak ios 11.4.1?
  7. Yes you need itunes for Impactor to load the phoenix ipa. Also is your device 32 bit or 64? What iPad do you have?
  8. I just share my jailbreak setup klik this link to see the screenshoot https://m.facebook.com/AnggaIsSullivan/posts/pcb.1185424881594298/?photo_id=1185424638260989&mds=%2Fphotos%2Fviewer%2F%3Fphotoset_token%3Dpcb.1185424881594298%26photo%3D1185424638260989%26profileid%3D100003803929190%26source%3D48%26__tn__%3DEH-R%26cached_data%3Dfalse%26ftid%3D&mdf=1
  9. There is no proper or working cydia with meridian. They are working on a working cydia and should be done soon. If you have an older version phone or ipad that cant go over ios 10 then just use H3lix. It supports all 32 bit devices and runs a full jailbreak with cydia.
  10. Umm I’m very new to jail breaking and just looking to hack some games for the lols but I pretty dumb and have been greying to download this one .ded file for ages (com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops) I cant find any way t open and send it to filza anyone can help?
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  12. Not wishing to sound like a piece of poop, I've just noticed there isn't yet an ios 9.3.3 jb yet I know apple pushed out new devices with newer firmware specifically tailored to those devices but I keep my old devices and I'm currently jb on iphone SE with the aforementioned ios version. After 10 rolled it out it seems that the development or the wish to develop a(n) untethered jb stopped... Are there any newer version that are untethered and if so which, if not then speculate with me as to why that is. ***If this forum doesn't follow guidelines I apologize*** Just wanting to start a conversation
  13. I have just jail broken my iPad Pro 12.i" with the Meridian jailbreak. All went smoothly. but Cydia appears to be empty and useless. Is it really jail broken? Any way to solve the Cydia problem? Thanks
  14. hi there members i was wondering if any1 could help i have a ipad2 on ios 9.3.5 with the phoenix jailbreak managed to download cydia okay and then after the igameguardian which i paid the 3 dollars for membership but every time i try to add resourses it says the app is dead !!! seems when i got on to the igameguardian app my game app closes down the game in question is mortalkombat x is there a tweek or fix to keep both apps open so i can add resourses? also tried to use the gamegem app which isnt working either keeps saying to update gamegem but when i go on cydia there is no update avaliable
  15. You could check running processes using a tweak I forgot the name of. You most likely won't have mail ware as the chance of someone creating that would be low as only people with jailbreaks could possibly be effected and it wouldn't be very effective. Why do you think that?
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  17. Nicely darkened Got plan: jailbreak 10.2.1 > set nounce > downgrade to iOS 9.3.3
  18. Have a new set up, thought I would show off : Jailbroken iOS 9.3.3. Tweaks used : Springtomize 3 Roundification CCBackGround CC Clean DockShift Eclipse 3 IsCharging LockHTML4 - Widget: Elite6Digital RedesignedNotifications Anemone Theme - Dark Night mixed with Akeda and RoundIconsiOS9 SelfXDope badges
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