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GTA 5 discussion. Glitches/Mods discussion.

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  2. Hey can u give me a mod Gta account or give me money?
  3. Agreed heists are the best way to earn money.
  4. They've ruined the transfer to ps4 feature ages ago bro
  5. No no im modding on ps3 Creat eh Ps3 acc and play with me i give money U must wait 30 days to transfer ?
  6. No, just PS3! But I understand that you can not pass millionaire accounts to PS4!
  7. On PS4 it is not possible to lobby money, how do you do it?
  8. can anybody mod my gta online account.i just want money please
  9. Do heists to start with, if you are okay doing money glitches save up for a (Clubhouse +) MOC and maybe even Facility until one comes out that's good for either.
  10. This topic was moved from Mods to Questions. Here are working ones.
  11. Yeah you will need to most likely buy an already transferred modded account.
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