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  2. Best way to earn money?

    can anybody mod my gta online account.i just want money please
  3.  Save Game GTA V Account transfer

    Xbox one Yeah, i will try that thanks!
  4. Do heists to start with, if you are okay doing money glitches save up for MOC and maybe even CEO Office.
  5. General Working glitches?

    This topic was moved from Mods to Questions. Here are working ones.
  6.  Save Game GTA V Account transfer

    Well if you want money glitches but they require 2 people.
  7.  Save Game GTA V Account transfer

    Yeah they're pretty rare. It says in the post.
  8.  Save Game GTA V Account transfer

    what console are you on?
  9.  Save Game GTA V Account transfer

    Oh man, it costs much
  10.  Save Game GTA V Account transfer

    Yeah you will need to most likely buy an already transferred modded account.
  11.  Save Game GTA V Account transfer

    .-. Ffs, this sucks!!! I need to find a modded one...
  12.  Save Game GTA V Account transfer

    No unfortunately. They shut down the character transfer service on March 7th and even then you still couldn't transfer from the same generation of consoles (only up not same groups.. if that makes sense). You will need to start over if you don't already have an account with progress. @Mr Cub3s I don't like you, I like me!
  13. Hello guys, is there a way to transfer GTA's character from PS4 to XBOX One? I'd really appreciate an answer.
  14. Does anyone know some glitches that Works? Or how to get money? It would be cool with some help
  15.  Hack GTA 5 Money Rain CFW 4.80 DEX

    Yea. Which console?
  16. Nice! Xbox or Playstation?
  17. hello people i will make a gta 5 money lobby exact date i will still inform. Greetings GMiHacks
  18. Money Glitch Video Tutorial Vehicle Duplication Glitch (Requires Bunker + MOC Truck and also a friend with both including the same bunker location) Difficulty: Somewhat easy to dupe Note: This may no longer work if the tutorial was updated more than 3 days ago. Text tutorial Requirements • Same bunker as friend • Elegy in MOC car slot (or a car you do not care about replacing). • Vehicle to duplicate (like an Elegy Retro) Steps 1. You both enter your own seperate bunkers. 2. Your friend needs to invite you to a MC Club. 3. Enter your MOC and tell your friend to hover over "Disband". 4. Open the invite to the MC Club, and go directly to the exit door of the MOC. Accept the MC Club invite and very quickly accept the message to exit the MOC and as soon as your in the black screen you tell your friend to disband the MC Club. Does not work all the time, if you get outside the bunker, start again, if it takes many seconds to load you did it correctly (waiting 3 seconds after the start of the black screen seems to help the success) 5. You will now be in your friends bunker so go over to his MOC mechanic then sit on the modify vehicle menu. 6. Now your friend will click enter the MOC with Nearby Friends. 7. Then your friend will exit the MOC and will drive out his MOC of the bunker and just leave the session (go in creator mode). 8. Kill yourself through the interaction menu and now you will be outside the bunker at the Docks. 9. Just call an Elegy Retro (or a car you want to dupe) then you get in the car. 10. Request your MOC and then drive into your MOC then you will be in black screen then you will be in a glitched screen so now get your friend to join back into the session. 11. Now start up Titan of a Job. Leave the job once the settings screen loads up. 11. then you back out and your plates on the retro will have the other car's plate (Elegy). 12. Return your MOC to your bunker 13. Now drive the Elegy Retro (or car you wanted to dupe) into the bunker and drive it into the MOC. You can now repeat the glitch by moving a free elegy into the MOC car slot.
  19. If you want to earn money I'd recommend playing as an associate first
  20. Best way? Answer = Hax Sorry if it's not the answer you're looking for but its tha truth
  21. Right, so I'm level 31 and have around 550k. I have an apartment and literally no vehicles. What's the best way now to earn money? Should I go and buy an office or what?