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About This Club

A Club for the Modern Combat 5 players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. thanks for the update but i think it is not working properly. In addition, game client can't find lots of players. Every match has max. 3-4 players. i tihnk gameloft find a solution for this hack.
  3. It's not long before we have the hack again mc5??
  4. Currently requires an update. Keep your eye on the Jailbreak topic!
  5. is there a jailbreak hack for mc5 2.9.0 for ios , and do any one know how i can be able to enjoy mc5 on my ipad mini first generation with out the game crashing pls use picture or video to explain to me if any one can help me on my ipad mini.
  6. Unlimited ammo or energy for mission and consequentially a chest farm because you can grind out levels :>
  7. I'm having the same problem now. After installing cheat from here. I can't even play anymore ? I've tried everything and nothing works.
  8. guys hi there i am having issue with the game when i search for match they through me in empty server where no one is playing also i am not gaining no score at all does any one having the same issue as me? and how it can be solved i reset the game data i delete the game and i reinstall the game but still the same thing
  9. A graphics changer @DiDA @shmoo! it lags so much on the iphone 6!
  10. DidA plz flying,speed or Aimbot* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<<<<<<<<< ;; *+*
  11. An option to unlock adjusting graphical quality, if there is one. Mc5 will lag on my iPhone 6s when there are many explosions and bullets.
  12. Yes I am! Because my device is not jail broken and I just wanna play MC5 with new guns... I played MC5 2 years ago at the 1st version! The game was beautiful, you needed XP to open new guns and now you need "gun pieces" to open guns!!! And the game got much donaters! And that's impossible to play with them if you are a newbe, skilled players without donating have to play very hard with them, and I just want to try hacked version...and my acc was banned idk why. if you "@DiDA" can help me I will say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" from my heart.
  13. Start another forum for mc5 Account Modding.Trash this Sh!t Like Bullet Force.
  14. Aim "Assist" , speed hack like older versions hack , wall hack maybe. And that's it ! Keep it up.
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