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  2. Hi, I hope this is the appropriate place to ask this. I've been trying to get the Avengers Academy free store + more hack to work on my iPad, but I've had zero luck. I followed the instructions on the hack page, but I don't have any settings for the cheat in any of my other settings windows, and nothing has changed in-game. I think I'm doing something wrong, but I honestly don't know what I'm doing since this was my first time ever jailbreaking and trying to hack a game like this. Help would be much appreciated!
  3. I'm lvl 60 and all my heroes are also at maximum lvl! I'm stuck on missions in the Asgardian zone! the problem is that this area is not released! and I have no more missions to do! someone has been through it and managed to open the Asgardian zone! I'm grateful for any help! thank you! all my heroes get a mark on them as if they completed a mission this with the mod activated! without the mod they get normal!
  4. when we will download the deb file it is still in version 2.12.0 please update it! in the description Dida updated the title but the file did not! @DiDA
  5. I have lots of items to put on the map. How do I unlock new lands? I do many missions but so far I do not understand how it unlocks the lands!
  6. I found this in the settings! A thousand pardon for this silly mistake!
  7. icone iOSGODS does not appear to activate the mod! everything looks ok but no icon to turn the menu key on! the iOSGODS logo icon to select on and off mod! iOS 11 electra 11.2.1
  8. The hack isnt working with the orbs that are in the store!
  9. Guys, has anyone encountered similar problem like me, which is that you cannot access leaderboard nor start event altogether? Event is near ending anyway,but it would be really bad if every following event is unplayable. ?
  10. Can both these get updated to 1.19.0 before this Thursday?
  11. Both Jailbroken & Non-Jailbroken have been updated. New feature! Enjoy!
  12. i guess they have the character data from previous event but they lock the character. that was a reason why we cant go back to use previous update because once we update the new version they will bring the new character. maybe~
  13. Yeah, exactly the same, and all 3 have the same developer if that helps
  14. Is it similar to Family Guy & Futurama? If you've played those before?
  15. My guess is they do exist, they bring back characters, items and buildings on a regular basis, sometimes ftp, most times premium. But I don't know how they are stored in the backend.
  16. Do old items exist in this game? Like Family Guy & Tapped Out? Or is it not similar? If they do exist, we could possibly make a hack for it.

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