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Discussing anything Overwatch related and posting Hightlights, POTGs, and Funny Moments!
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  2. I didn’t know about it until my sister dragged me into the game store and bought an Xbox. When we got home she wouldn’t stop playing it, so I got intrigued. Eventually she dropped to bronze and quit because she got bored, and while she was doing something else I played. Now I have three times as many hours and I’m a much higher rank ;))
  3. Sigma almost looks like a buff version of Phara? But I’m looking forward to playing him.
  4. He's a main tank if I'm not mistaken. I saw some people saying he gonna be op and it reminded me of when Orisa was introduced yet the second she was added to the live game no one played her.
  5. The Widow HS only lobbies are easy. It's harder when you're up against different heroes.
  6. Smh I have gotten better at 1v1. The only thing I am afraid now is now people playing those widow 1v1 hs only lobby all day everyday
  7. Just some clips I had saved on my computer I put into a video format :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzga93F4yUU
  8. Yeah 😛 im waiting for it so I can finally get Moira skin
  9. ahaha Should be interesting! I liked the last event, destroying bots on easy mode was satisfying. Especially with Genji's dash reset.
  10. New event like Retribution and Uprising. Tracer leading the team with Mercy, Genji and Winston in support (cough dive cough)
  11. Genji in what now? Is this like blackwatch?
  12. > Accessing archived file... Decryption status: IN PROGRESS Strike team deployed. Prepare for Storm Rising April 16 https://twitter.com/PlayOverwatch/status/1115645575146426376 With Genji in support 🤣
  13. I actually dont mind france. Just don't want it to be USA or China
  14. France , soon and akm are just insane can’t describe how good they are

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