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Area F2 is a close quarters combat multiplayer FPS. This club is for the members and players of Area F2. The beta is only available on the Brazilian app store as of right now. Updates on the non-jb and jb hacks I have made will also be posted here. You may discuss events, invite players to matches, and so forth within this club.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Any one can help us with this app is available on app store free but i think is works only fo china a lot of users looking for it any one can upload it for us as ipa here
  3. How can I get unbanned? Please I need answers
  4. Already 50% Uploaded ill send either way
  5. Not right now. Absolut1on is looking into creating an anticheat so I’ll wait until he tells me if he can make one.
  6. Interesting so you're working on Area F2 mod menu features right now? Honestly I just need some sort of solid vision nothing just to see where enemies are basically.
  7. I would need to be promoted to novice cheater in order to learn how to do q-vision. I would need to be promoted to novice cheater in order to learn how to do q-vision. I don’t have an Android.
  8. Yea you don’t really need a mega mod menu. Qvision alone is op
  9. Why not just go with features that you know will be safe no matter what? For example I’d personally love to see an OpenGL Cham hack or Q-Vision seeing how it’s built in the Unity Engine. I know @Joka had some success with this but the final product was buggy. I’m sure a menu with just that one feature would be extremely popular even if you sold it privately. I know I’d be interested if you ever consider trying anything like that.
  10. I was told by a member that the bans are server sided. So once they happen, that's it and an anticheat is useless. I'm still going to look into making an anticheat and get a second opinion. But as for right now, I will be putting a halt on any updates on the menu. If I cannot make one, I will not be updating the menu.
  11. Hopefully they add more regions so it saves me every time I get banned and redownload everything
  12. I would but just switched out of JB state to play some fortnut
  13. hey i have the latest version of area f2 i downloded CrarckerXI what this will do ?
  14. Nope still banned try those two methods still banned mybe they register devices onto server?
  15. Can someone who is jailbroken and has the latest version of Area F2. Can you download CrackerXI from Cydia, crack the IPA, and send upload it to Mega.nz for me?
  16. Damn, right when I made an anticheat with their previous anticheat. I’ll get to work on updating the menu and the anticheat.
  17. Notable New Features - Improved Anticheat @Enoch - iPad HUD Layout Bug Patched Full List Of Patch Notes Can Be Viewed Here
  18. @IcyFireHawk I am working on an anticheat bypass. I'm waiting for Rook to compile it so I can have some testers test it. Here's two tutorials you can try to follow, these may say Call of Duty but as I recall this will work for every game. :
  19. Anyone know how deleting keychain works. Is it easy to learn?
  20. I have no released the jailbreak version alongside the non-jailbreak version for Area F2. The jailbreak version has 12 cheats while the non jailbreak only has 5. Follow the links below to go to either one. There's a few more things I'd like to add in the future which is no spread and perhaps q-vision and/or chams. But I don't have the knowledge for q-vision or chams since it's only available to cheaters.

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