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About This Club

For The REAL Gamers.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I did my placement and got Silver 4
  3. I'm GE from Au if you can find 3 more we can queue up
  4. Noscope Battle

    Should’ve recorded my screen cuz u didn’t add my sick ones
  5. Noscope Battle

    If you hit those shots in a live match :gasm:
  6. Noscope Battle

    i always knew KDB sucked balls for lunch
  7. With @KDB2003 The video ends at 3:06 (render messed up)
  8. US and Australia seem close enough to que
  9. Clearly the second third
  10. 2 vote for 4 and 1 for 1 hmmm, gonna let go for until I have enough money to buy
  11. Which is a better knife?

    doppler phase 4
  12. Doppler Phase 4 looks unique
  13. Bayonet Phase 1 Doppler
  14. Which one is your favorite, thinking of buying 1 out of the 3 Bayonet phase 1 doppler bayonet doppler phase 2 or doppler phase 4 got these images via google, so pattern mightt be different but yea just an image
  15. congrats If you want to que with me and you are on US server hmu
  16. So yesterday I won some comps and got my rank I was pretty excited since I was too fragging but some how I got silver 1, probably because of my cooldowns.
  17. Fac new Decimater B)

    oh just chekced , yesterday night u had just 3 items ... Inventory is pretty cool
  18. Fac new Decimater B)

    but your inventory is empty
  19. CSGO Skin Showoff [$150+]

    I am a casual gamer and idgaf what "pros" thing , go die in hell m8 , i will use every gun cuz its there
  20. CSGO Skin Showoff [$150+]

    Here he is https://iosgods.com/topic/56763-forward-assault-v101-4-cheats-for-ios/?do=findComment&comment=1740877
  21. Instead of useless skins for the P90, G3SG1 you could have bought some other. Don't play the noob guns please