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About This Club

A Club for the DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Idk if Im just blind, but I'm not sure how I can find the IPA for the free global hack. I've tried to send the app link and open it up on my laptop and download it from there, but sideloadly kept crashing. I've been searching a while on the non-jailbroken free ipa hacks, but im unable to find it. Anyone can help?
  3. Do the Hacks work on Chain Battle as well?
  4. It gets stuck on the starting page and dosent go further buttons don’t work
  5. Would be much appreciated if the is a VIP Non-Jailbreak for DBZ Dokkan Battle (JP) with the below features - Dice Hack- Auto Win Battles
  6. Get Liberty in Cydia once downloaded Go to Settings scroll down to liberty > tap it > enable Liberty > then tap “Block Jailbreak Detection” > Then select Dokkan (the Japanese versión Should be at the bottom) also make sure the mod menu has a check next to the value (numbers) on the right to make sure the value is activated
  7. If it's a black screen with Japanese text, it's Jailbreak detection. Search iOSGods regarding it.
  8. Game frozen on screen telling me to login to my iOS God’s account and I already have but it won’t let me click the options help
  9. If someone know how to fix this please dm me or reply here
  10. For the past few days (since the update) I’ve been trying to get the dokkan mod menu to work (jailbroken version). The menu comes up but I don’t get the values I enter translated into the game. I’ve tried putting “.0” after the values, reinstalling, tweaking around Filza... etc but I can’t get anything to work. If you got it working please let me know and if you know how I can fix this I’d greatly appreciate it THANKS!
  11. The dokkan mod menu hack keeps freezing when the card pops up. any fix? http://tinypic.com/r/vsf3mf/9
  12. I will ise mod on untimate clash and z-battle can get baned or not ?
  13. The Free hack that Zahir made on the iOSGods app still works to make sure the attack and hp are at 16777215 and stay that way remove all characters expect team leader so the team leaders attack changes but the saibamens that you automatically get there attack and hp stay the same
  14. Does anyone know if the free hack is still working... ive tried putting 9999999.0 and 9999999 into the thing (just enough so it doesn’t change it to scientific notation) but it doesn’t change anything.
  15. All you need to do is remove all characters and keep your team leader then your team leaders attack will still change but the Siabemen that come with your team will keep there 16777215 attack and health.
  16. Does anyone else get the glitch when using the dokkan battle hack global version when you attack it’s fine but then next turn you look at the characters damage and it’s showing the normal amount of damage it will do can someone please help me find out what’s happening?
  17. Is the Japanese version of dokkan now vip only? Cause it hasn’t been updated for a while
  18. Did this ever get addressed and I’m just not seeing it because I’m wanting help with this as well.
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