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About This Club

This club is for Dawn of Titans Players! Here we are discussing Dawn of Titan's updates, events and other information. You can also show your clan and find new players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Can I have also account please ? ❤️ I can’t write you pm but would be nice if you would text me
  3. Also me I want hacking gems I have jailbreak but I don’t know how I can hacking this game u can help me please
  4. I don't understand the meaning of this club! Why create a club and then not even answer the questions they ask you !? I think this thing is very ridiculous !!
  5. Hi I'd be interested, what can you do? I have some accounts that I'm growing slowly, can you help me? If you have LINE we can communicate in chat, and more convenient and faster !! -)) These are my references to contact me LINE id. thenothingness E-mail [email protected]
  6. Hey, our Club has now a alliance Name : New Dawn or Search my Name: Guzman its gonna be an Active Alliances
  7. Poor man! Honestly I’ve been using just a three star Titan and I’ve been fine!
  8. I want to say 3 weeks, then he got a epic Titan and as you said, put it on guard duty XD
  9. It is very sad though what’s the longest any of your friends haven’t gotten banned?
  10. Thanks for this write up, i'll send it to all of my friends since they love DoT , but also get banned every so often, though I do love hearing their sob stories of what they did, gained, how long they've been going for without getting banned and then woke up and was banned XD
  11. As a fellow member of the Dawn of Titans community, I use iGameGuardian to hack certain things about the game. Key word: “CERTAIN.” Apparently, there are many variables in the game that will get you banned thanks to the new anti-cheat system and upon viewing countless complaints in the forums, I learned a bit about what might cause the bans. 1. Gems An obvious thing most players want hacked. However, it seems that the system tracks the progress of real gems and the “fake” gems that were modified, which may be the reason why most players get banned eventually. This is just speculation, but despite modding my gem value to buy builders, I didn’t get banned until I bought multiple times in a row in the Titan shop. That still doesn’t exclude the possibility of gems being moderated as countless players have been banned a couple weeks later. 2. Moderation/ upgrading too quickly A big problem majority players have is spending all the gems and resources too quickly where you become a LVL 40 with a LVL 20 castle in 10 mins or a castle 5 with 200 four star titans. System knows how fast you upgrade. So don’t do it at all or at least subtly upgrade. 3. Resources Main cause of the resource ban is going over your capacity in storage. Other than that, I believe it’s a safe variable to modify since I haven’t been banned by it. 4. Modifying values such as “souls” or “VP” Yeah, don’t. Every player sees this. There’s a reason there’s a rank system and if one player jumps from this last to first on the leaderboard, you will be reported. Which bring us to the next topic: 5. Reporting If you have FOUR STAR TITANS guarding your castle and all your lands, chances are you’re gonna be reported for cheating. Four star titans are very rare in the game and a good bit of high level players still don’t have them. Again, don’t make it obvious. 6. Divine gems Don’t even think about it. This is the quickest way for most accounts to getting banned and the system moderates this as well. Doesn’t matter how legit you acted or played, this currency can and will get you banned. At least that’s the feedback I got from others. Plus, event titans are extremely rare and a big heal so that plays a part in this. 7. Modifying achievements In the past, it seemed to work fine but now I believe the system monitors this as well. I believe this plays a part in the whole system moderation and again if it doesn’t add up, banned. Edit: 8. Leveling Up Titans Too Quickly Apparently, this might’ve been the cause for my old account to be banned. Majority of my titans were high level at one point thanks to the 4* Titan EXP relic, therefore if you level up titans at a low player level or too fast, banned. What I believe is the reason for this: Dawn of Titans is a client server based game, meaning that you can mod the game values, but ultimately it’s up to the server to decide if you’re legit. If a value is modded and doesn’t align with what the server calculates, then your account will be investigated and later banned. So to work around this, you need to change multiple variables in the game in order to escape being caught by the anti-cheat system, that way the system lines up all the variables making it seem like you got everything legit. Id like to point out this is all from experience using iGameGuardian and not some other mod menu or tweak. I’ll be adding more to the list if I find out more reasonings. Please check around the Dawn of Titans club for more ways to avoid bans by @rogojax
  12. The service is currently down due to the recent update. Rogojax will post on here again letting everyone know when it’s available.
  13. [email protected] yardımcı olabilirsen teşekkür ederim şimdi dawn of titan yükledim yardımcı olursan sevinirim
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