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This club is for Dawn of Titans Players! Here we are discussing Dawn of Titan's updates, events and other information. You can also show your clan and find new players!

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  2. I Have a IOS device non jail broken, why I want gems is due to my schedule is busy. I fight professionally and I do a lot of training. Any help would be great. My line ID clv201932 or message me here. I am not looking to sell accounts or anything like that just want to play game without spending my whole purse. Lol
  3. How can you hack without jailbreak or with IOS my line Id clv201932 or message me here. All new to this site. Thanks
  4. 4* Mossmane Berserker Safira has arrived on the battlefield! Play the Tangled Vines event now to unlock her. Have fun!
  5. Forge of War! Just for 24H! Fuse your Titans and Forge your Relics with a 50% Discount! Get 50% Extra Titan EXP when you Fuse your Titans!
  6. First: Sorry for my bad English i hope you Understand this Tutorial! Hey Dawn of Titans Players! Today, I'll show you how to legit hack without being banned by the system or Staff The hack is only for ViP Members! You can find it here I list everything you should pay attention Dont Rush the Castle too Fast! I have already done it and was banned within 30 minutes (The System bans you at this point). Dont Push the Titans with low level! do not have Level 40 Titan at level 5 (A Staff is going to Ban you so be careful). Dont try to Sell the Hacked Account! This means dont write in the Global Chat that you sell your Hacked Account other Players are going to Report you. Dont buy too much from the God Souls Shop I got banned because i bought too much from the God Souls Shop. Dont buy too much event or exclusive relics from there, its a trap for hackers. I add more Points in the future. So please play Safe and Hack legit and dont Rush anything. In this Topic you can read how to unban your Device. Best Regards!
  7. Sounds of Silence Event is for 2 Days Live Now! Collect the first ever 4* Earth Infiltrator: Vuldan has arrived – unlock him and other powerful rewards in the Sounds of Silence event. Have fun!

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