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About This Club

I hope to create a alliance for us who use hacking

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hey, this is a terrible idea. Marvel games have very tight restrictions and openly admitting that you are a hacker will 99.9% give you a perma ban.
  3. Hello everyone! So i recently came back to this game and wanted to make or join an Hacker only Alliance. ATM if there is any active hacker alliance pls feel free to dm me or comment here. if there arent any, lets group up and make one Thanks for reading this all , have a nice day either way Hope we can make smth happen here
  4. is this alliance still running or its far gone? im kinda coming back to the game and wanted to join one or make one
  5. Yo, I created a alliance called iOSGods. Look it up and join fast!
  6. I'm thinking of starting a hacker alliance. if i have more than 10 people comment below, ill start one. my discord:isingr#8597
  7. anyone have a hack alliance that i can join
  8. Hello everyone, me and some other members are running a hacker alliance. We have gone into operation and we can guarantee to complete Utimus raid VI 60% and Thanos III 60% at the moment. We will move to 100% thanos III as soon as we have enough ppl. Please feel free to drop me a message and I will tell you about the alliance. Also, we have our own EXCLUSIVE and super CHEAP supply of POWER CORES, we will share with you once you have joined the alliance. The leader will open a 50$-worth power core GIVEAWAY on the first time we reach 100% on thanos raid III?
  9. I have created a hacker only alliance in marvel strike force. If anyone wants join add me on discord. We can do best raids with hackers only. Discord:Trillisaac#4775
  10. Anyone experiencing app crashes, especially in the blitz area? I'm on an iPad and the game will force close/crash and even sometimes freeze. I'm trying to determine if it's my device, or a function of the modded IPA.
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