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This club is for people that want to learn how to mod there console or have any questions about a modded console.

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  2. About time, now spaces just need to become a thing.
  3. The biggest long waited feature is finally being released later today! More information here: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/04/10/online-id-change-on-psn-your-questions-answered/?fbclid=IwAR3Y29m2Pb_XJHh2o_UTgxeAmET45mfJ_GbedI25aVd-3TRYcEQ6LPYZcDM
  4. Yeah lol, trying to get every console in this club
  5. Hardware requirements: Wii Large usb stick or usb external usb hard drive. Computer with usb ports Software requirements: The Homebrew channel WBFS manager 3.0 or later rev 10 installer with usb loader Wii game iso Step 1: Install WBFS Manager. Download these files: Uncompress the WBFS Manager rar file with 7-zip. Click on the WBFS Manager setup icon. A new screen will pop up and tell you that the program will install WBFS Manager on your computer. Click next. It will then ask you to save to files in a folder. Either choose a folder or leave it on the default folder. Click next. It will now tell you that it is ready to install to your hard drive. Click Next to begin the installation process. When it is done installing press "Close." TipQuestionComment Step 2: Download the Wii Iso to Your Usb Device. This next step explains how to load a Wii ISO to you usb device. The first step is to get a Wii iso backup file. (I can't tell you where.) Plug in your usb device in your computer . Click on the WBFS Manager 2.5 icon on your desktop. A new scree n will open. Use the drop-down tab under "Edit" in the upper left corner to choose your usb device drive letter. (WARNING: Be very careful not to format your hard drive! Make sure you're drive number is right!) Now click format to delete the contents on your USB device and change the format to WBFS. (Note: You will not be able to use the USB drive only to store Wii isos because the computer operating system doesn't recognize the WBFS format). After you're done formatting click the "Load button to load the contents of your USB device. It's empty. Click the "Browse" button in the lower right corner to open a new window, locate your Wii ISO, click it, and click "Open" in the lower right corner. It will take a few seconds to load. You should see it in the right half of the WBFS Manager window. Hover your mouse over it to see it's game cover. Now click "Add to Device" to compress your Wii ISO and add it to your usb device. It will take about 5 minutes to upload the file to a usb device. After it's done, either close the program and take your usb device out of your computer and go to the next step, or add more games to your usb device. TipQuestionComment Step 3: Install USB Loader Application on Your Wii Homebrew Channel. This next step will explain how to usb loader on your Wii. Before you can install usb loader to your Wii you first need the files in your SD card. Unrar the usb hack rar file with Winrar or 7-Zip and copy the contents of the "Copy contents to root" folder to the root of your SD card. Pretty self explanatory. If you get a window asking you to merge folders click yes. Now comes the tricky part. (Optional: You can also download the covers for the games. The reason I say it's optional is because it contains over 1300 game covers and will occupy 100 MB in your SD card. But it's convenient to have so you don't have to squint to read the game text on the tv. Just download it, uncompress the Covers zip file with 7-ZIP and drag the covers folder to the usb-loader folder in the root on your SD card.. You will get a prompt to merge folders and click yes ) Remove any Gamecube memory cars and Gamecube controllers from the Wii. Insert the SD card into your Wii, turn the Wii on and go to the Homebrew channel. Click on "cIOS36rev10" and click load. The screen will go black for a second and you will then be in the cIOS36rev10 installer. Use the directional arrows to choose WAD installation and click A. After a few minutes it will have completed the installation of cIOS rev 10. Now, restart your wii, go back to the Homebrew channel, and go to Wad Manager 1.3 and click load. Choose the SD card, press A, then choose the WAD "USBLoadermodBrisma.wad" and press the + button on your Wii remote. After a few moments it will have completed installing the USB channel. Press "HOME" on your Wii remote to restart your Wii. Step 4: Install USB Loader Channel in Your Wii. This step will explain how to install the usb loader channel to your Wii menu. First go to the homebrew channel then load the WAD manager. The screen will go green for a second and you will see a disclaimer on the screen. Press "A" on your Wii remote to continue. Use your left and right directional arrows on your Wii remote to select SD card. Now you will see a USBLoadermodBrisma WAD file. Use the down key to select it and press "+" on your Wii remote to install it. After it finishes installing, press your HOME button te restart the Wii. On your Wii menu there should be a new channel called usb loader channel. Step 5: Using the USB Loader Channel and Playing Your Games. In this next step I will explain how to use your new Channel, and how you can play your games on it. First, plug your usb device into your Wii usb slot and start the USB loader channel. Here are the controls for the USB loader channel. If you have any problems just ask it in the comments below.
  6. I remember soft modding my Wii was sick. Had Gecko & sh!t. That’s all I remember.
  7. Letterbomb is the latest Wii exploit and is currently the only to way to hack a Wii on System Menu 4.3 without using a game. It's likely that it will not be ported to any lower System Menus since Bannerbomb is available for those. Letterbomb uses a yet-to-be-specified exploit in the Wii Messageboard. Only for: System Menu 4.3 (E, U, K, J) Required: An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) or USB device formatted to FAT(32). Your Wii's WiFi MAC Address (instructions in obtaining to follow...) Links: Letterbomb Exploit: http://please.hackmii.com/ Guide: Wii ---------------------- (If you already know how to get your Wii's WiFi MAC Address, skip to step 2) 1. Go to your Wii's Settings menu. Select "Internet" on page 2. Select "Console Information". Record your Wii's MAC Address for use in the next step. Computer ---------------------- 2. Follow the link provided above to the HackMii download page. 3. Make sure "Bundle the HackMii Installer for Me" is checked. Select your System Menu region, enter in your Wii's WiFi MAC Address, fill in the captcha, and "cut either wire". 4. Extract the contents of the freshly downloaded .zip file onto the root of your SD card. Wii ---------------------- 5. Insert the SD card into your Wii. 6. Go to your Messageboard (button on bottom-right of Menu) and navigate to "Yesterday" (depending on your timezone, the exploit could show up under "Today"). 7. Click on the pink envelope with the bomb to run the HackMii installer. Additional Hackmii installer steps: 8. You will see a Scam warning screen. Wait for the message at the bottom to appear, then press 1. 9. You will see a screen like this one: Depending on your wii, it will show different things behind BootMii:. If you see Can be installed, you can get BootMii as boot2 (which gives the best brick protection there is). If you see Can only be installed as an IOS, you can only get BootMii as IOS (which will give you NO brick protection on its own). Press A to continue. Now we get to the main menu, where we can install everything. First install the Homebrew Channel (choose Yes, continue). The Homebrew Channel will now be installed on your Wii. Optional (Recommended) Steps: Installing BootMii BootMii is a helps greatly with Brick protection and it is highly recommended to install it. In the HackMii main menu, choose BootMii... and press A. You will get another menu. 10. Before BootMii will work, we need to prepare our SD card, so do that first with the third option. 11. Install BootMii as IOS. This will always work. 12. If you're one of the lucky winners, choose install BootMii as boot2, then Yes, continue and let it install. Once you're done, return to the Main menu and choose Exit. It will automatically launch the Homebrew Channel. Unless you already downloaded some apps, you will probably see just the background. You can press Home to bring up the menu and reboot the Wii.
  8. Some requirements PS3 console Game file or files A USB flash drive The installation process of the PS3 game on CFW Download the game which you want to play Open multiMAN Now insert your USB stick in your PS3 console Go to game tab Press triangle button to select Choose copy from the side menu bar Paste into the PS3 HDD Now you will enjoy your favorite game on your PS3 console be sure to use this link when purchasing vip https://iosgods.com/refer/495255/
  9. UPDATE: PS3Xploit 4.84 HFW Flash Writer + IDPS/Flash Dumpers Updated v2.0.1 - (Now install CFW from 4.84) See HERE for details Huge News as the PS3 exploit ladder has taken a step up into 4.84 rung, with a new approach to bring back PS3Xploit functionality on 4.84.With a Hybrid Firmware (NOT A CFW) that can be installed on ANY MODEL PS3 over any Official Firmware (OFW) version. .The only thing this modified firmware essentially does is bring back the patched webkit from OFW 4.82 that was an entry point for PS3Xploit, if you recall when 4.84 was released developers @bguerville [email protected] stated the exploit was not actually patched but rather only the webkit entry used was removed in 4.83+ which rendered the actual exploit unreachable (not patched and could be restored). Now the webkit is back for 4.84 OFW thanks to this new clever magic that has allowed OFW user's to use and install this slightly modified Firmware. So, what does all this mean? Now it will be just like it was back in 4.82 before PS3Xploit was "patched"(some ps3xploit tools need updated still) you will be able to install a CFW (on a CFW compatible model) and for those unfortunate user's that does not have a CFW Compatible model (i.e. SuperSlim/late slims) you have will have access to the HAN exploit . So for new user's or ones that updated, here is your second chances thanks to the efforts of the PS3Xploit Team and to @Joonie (waved magic wand on files), @habib(for valuable input on this project) and @esc0rtd3w (work in porting ps3xploit tools to 4.84) (Note: NOT ALL PS3Xploit tools are updated currently, Ps3Xploit team is currently working on updating those tools. Stay tuned.) 4.84.2 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) Restores PS3Xploit Flasher/Tools & PS3Xploit HAN for 4.84 OFW user's Today, we proudly present the very first modified OFW that can be installed on all PS3 models. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FULL BLOWN CFW, HOWEVER IT Allows you to run the patched webkit exploit that's ported to 4.84) Yes, you didn't hear wrong, it can be installed over ALL OFW versions on ALL PS3 models ex) OFW 4.83, 4.84 , CECH-3XXX, CECH-4XXX and etc.. We wanted this to be called "HHHFW" since it was Hybrid, Hack-able, HAN ready also inspired by @habib but let's call it HFW since this is Hybrid FW (Well you can call this MFW). The idea was reminded by some guy who didn't want to be annoying but actually ended up being helpful: @ psx-place.com Habib had this idea long time ago but the previous attempt was not successful due to lack of interest and preparation. As you all know, I recently started messing with my PS3 again and this idea was brought back. So then I went ahead and tried his magical idea.... after a few hours later... Boom!!, now we have HFW that works on all PS3 models (including 3K and 4K) that allows the previously patched exploit by using old webkit from 4.50 that's been used until 4.83. This method is rather hacky than technical, so I would like to leave this method under the radar for now until it gets patched out (this can easily be patched). What can you do with this HFW 4.84.1/2? 1. You can use PSN since the FW is the latest. 2. You can downgrade/Install CFW on your PS3 if your model is downgrade-able/hack-able (excluding CECH-3K and 4K) (The same capability as what you had for 4.82 OFW) 3. You can use HAN and all the tools that worked up to 4.82 with this FW. https://t.co/Qc19fWnmfs < here's the latest ps3xploit that works on this FW. 4. You can always go back to the real OFW 4.84 if you wish. Special thanks @habib @[email protected] @Doge_Rules @[email protected] UPDATE 3-22-2019 - 4.84.2 Released HFW 4.84.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP Bugfix : Fixed the installation issue with regions that use following languages English (UK), Turkish (Turkey), and Portugal (Brazil) , Thanks to @citra mulia to report the bug Download link (MEGA) : HFW_4.84.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP MD5 :4247362b54fadd2e4d7c09007f720803 UPDATE (3-24-19): PS3Xploit 4.84 HFW Flash Writer + IDPS/Flash Dumpers Updated v2.0.1 - (Now install CFW from 4.84) See HERE for details Additional Download/Resources For devs : Ported offsets for 4.83 and 4.84 : https://github.com/PS3Xploit/.... PS3Xploit toolset (4.84 compatible) : https://ps3xploit,com/..... PS3Xploit.com website (hosting of exploits) 4.84 CFW Options: psx-place.com.. PS3 Downloads/Homebrew : store.brewology.com & psx-place.com/resources/
  10. Depends which motherboard is in it.
  11. So I have an old Xbox 360 E which I bought years & years ago but is console banned lmao. I was wondering if it would be able to RGH it? The manufactoring date is 30th Nov 2014. @Kyle2100
  12. This is the original site to download all Rebug firmware's https://rebug.me/
  13. The Spoof in SEN Enabler allows for a lower firmware to connect to PSN, but also note that it could be a potential trigger for a PSN ban so be aware of that when spoofing. For more info about SEN Enabler you can always checkout the official release and support thread located here in the psx-place forums. Latest Release Improvements v6.2.1 Added support for webMAN in '/dev_flash' paths on startup in Cobra Added support for Cobra 4.81 DEX Spoof to 4.84 (Online works again) Download: MEGA || MEDIAFIRE || SENDSPACE || RGHOST || ZIPPYSHARE Cobra 7.55 SRC GITHUB
  14. On the latest one and its ps3 super slim
  15. Hey hi guys just need a help I want to jailbreak my ps 3 and want to play paid games for free i poked the internet a lot but can’t find anything so can anyone pls tell me the complete and proper tutorial on how to jalbreak ps3 with links and other stuff pls thx
  16. Just be on the same network if you want to normally use LAN play.
  17. if any experts are there just got a question is it possible for me to play LAN play with another ps4 thats non jailbroken in my house with out doing all the xbs link stuff and if anyone is hosting any black ops lan games with the B03 Lan tool hit me up so i can join
  18. If you are a true modder you know what GSC Studio is, (DOWNLOAD LINK): https://gscstudio.imcsx.co/ its a tool that is used to inject GSC to the game ( only Black ops 2 ), GSCs can be a mod menu for zombies and multiplayer and singlplayer or fun game modes like zombie land ( its like infected from MW3 ) easy to install and you need CCAPI http://www.enstoneworld.com/articles/view/15/ControlConsole_API here are the best GSCs i know: READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLING MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ANTI BAN EBOOT AND BEFORE YOU INJECT THE GSC GO TO CUSTOM MATCH THEN INJECT AND START THEN QUIT, YOU MUST BE A HOST IN ORDER FOR THE MENU OR GAME MODE TO WORK THEY BOTH HAVE FORCE HOST 1- ELeGanCe v5 ( Mod Menu) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mltaexbdd0te2rb/ELeGanCe_v5.rar 2- Bossam v6 ( Mod Menu ) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2i99jqql21t6zw1/ 3- JR JS V6 ( Mod Menu ) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ahnnqkc5h4vqlx7/ 4- Zombie Land ( Game Mode ) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/878t0bncjtk0i27/Zombieland+By+CoolJay+[Update+1.3].rar FULL CREDIT GOES FOR THE CREATORS OF THESE HACKS
  19. So, let's talk about this Full Stack, and what will it bring. Specter has been working with his team to get this ready for the past months. If I recall correctly, they were going to release it on Monday (May 14th, 2018), but it seems they didn't just want Piracy to be enabled for end users. They pushed it out a few weeks more as well since it didn't have any homebrew development tools and it would be a useless jailbreak if it didn't. Piracy isn't what they're aiming for. Since the word has been going around, there will be an announcement happening on May 20th, 2018, not the actual release though. The jailbreak is going to be normal as it always has been on PS4. Webkit Exploit + Kernel Exploit. There will be more tools being released until the day comes for a full release, but this one will be the best. Being on a higher firmware means launching new games to mod, more stability, and also gives everyone more opportunities to modify. Yesterday, their first project went live named, Mira Project - The Homebrew Platform. The amount of users on the bottom of the contributor list is crazy. I'm glad they were able to pull this off for the community. If I'm correct, this project is based on the homebrew tools and such. Hopefully, more programmers come in to make new homebrew as we've been wanting to see. Not to mention about our old missed buddy, DeanK, the original creator of MultiMAN. We all have our thoughts whether it will be getting released the day they drop the jailbreak. What do you guys think?In addition, there will be more releases and new features for this when it drops. I actually don't know about most of them, but one of them is a cool feature which I believe they wouldn't want me to spoil it for everyone. In a few days, you'll get to see what I mean. A little pointer I want to throw out there, I was speaking with Rogero a few months ago, and he's honestly a great guy! Can't speak anything about the private messages, but if everything is settled in the future, who knows, we'll maybe see him back in action. Here's a quote he told everyone yesterdayLet's jump into the Custom Firmware. On their OpenOrbis Github, it stated in they're project previously known as MiraHEN, has been expanded into a full expansion custom firmware. At that moment, everyone started finding out about the CFW. One little note you'd want to understand. It won't be the same as PS3. Many reasons why, It's not a bootup exploit It's not done by a .PUP Method like PS3 We won't have all the advantages as PS3. PlayStation 3 had all of its master keys leaked by GeoHot back then. This gave everyone worldwide to use their console to the maximum ability they wanted to with their own built code. PS4 isn't the same way. The processor that handles all the signing, decrypting/encrypting, etc... isn't hacked. SAMU has been a tough nut to crack, and even if we were to break it, we would still need code execution. This could let us make our own keys and sign things to make it work, but Sony can always go back and change the keys whenever they feel like it so it would be worthless... in a way. Also, spoofing is technically in SAMU as well, but the whole topic going online is far from us... or is it?On the contrary, being able to jailbreak on a higher firmware gives us a further chance of finding a way to spoof online, but I don't believe it will be that easy. If Sony sees a modified console online, it would send telemetry data to them and they can easily ban the console for good if that's the main reason. No one has really taken the time to look into the CIDs, spoofing, downgrading. There's so much to do since we didn't get lucky like back on PS3 with all the master keys. Six years has almost passed us on the PS4 and we're getting reports that the PS5 is already being worked on and ready for a release between 2019-2020. As a result, the Jailbreak and CFW will be launching on 20th of May, 2018 as it's been spilled out of the cup already. We're looking forward what new innovations this will bring for us, and we can't wait to have our first hands-on with it.
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