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About This Club

Just little things I find interesting and useful, but too small to put in a tutorial. Please do NOT create topics in this club. They are to be created by me and me only. Topics created by anyone else but me will be deleted.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I always stop binary analysis after it is finished naming functions. This isn't bad lag but its noticeable and annoying
  3. I believe this happens when IDA is still processing the binary and you're searching in the Functions window or you have a search going already.
  4. mine lags too but thats just because my mac is getting old as hell lol. bought it in 2012.
  5. close the functions window no more lag
  6. This is amazing for everyone because now we don't have to rely on existing strings to make strings, and we also don't have to deal with the f***ery of UTF16!! I can finally make strings of any length. No char arrays, no stupid bs. Just regular c strings In the dump search for private string CreateString(PTR value); // 0x1008EBE9C Obviously your offset will be different. Then make a pointer to it (and I don't know why this method isn't static because the this pointer isn't used): monoString *(*String_CreateString)(void *_this, const char *str) = (monoString *(*)(void *, const char *))getRealOffset(0x1008EBE9C); Then make your string like this: monoString *str = String_CreateString(NULL, "Hello this is a string of any length in Unity. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"); And you'll have your very own Unity string https://twitter.com/hackedbyshmoo/status/990034671844184064
  7. Have you ever seen something like MOV V0.16B, V1.16B? I'm still trying to figure out how what is stored in these registers is significant and why manipulating floats is done this way on arm64. However, I figured out that V and S registers correspond with each other. S0 = V0, S1 = V1, etc So if you have something like FMOV S0, #1.0 MOV V1.16B, V0.16B and you want to modify V1 (aka S1) to 31.0, you can change MOV V1.16B, V0.16B to FMOV S1, #31.0!
  8. I freed up like 4.5 GB of space by deleting old binaries
  9. That's not all you can do, but the key combo Ctrl+1+Enter creates a new disassembly window
  10. If you need to see where a function is being called from you can do if(__builtin_return_address(0) == (void *)/*offset*/){ //... }
  11. It will show 2 frames instead of all of them.
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