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A club dedicated to those who play Fortnite on PC, PS4, Xbox One or on a Mobile device. Share anything related to the game in here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. We are looking for Fortnite player that could play with us in a few minutes if you're down to play with us please comment down with your Fortnite name tag
  3. What do you think about these new "Dark Knight v2" skins that were leaked not so long ago?
  4. Any idea how to bypass fortnite jailbreak detection?
  5. Don’t know how to describe it. http://epic.gm/yx
  6. I got bored of that so quickly lol
  7. Time to get back on R6s then
  8. It'll continue each season Would be cool
  9. Hope this sh!t lasts only for this season. That's a fokin joke. Next season what, matrix? we can stop bullets?
  10. Ask for my Gamer Tag So we can play ??
  11. Funny. On PS4, everytime i try to do this, it just build the wrong thing ( maybe switching too fast and bug? i don't know ), still, i've lost so many gunfights because, most of the time, the wall i want to build to protect me doesn't even show up, or goes underground. Or, as it is happening very often since the new update came out, when i get an enemy in front or near me, the game just freeze and i end up missing shots or even not hitting the enemy at all, like what the #! I tried on XBOX. Just landed, took a crappy weapon and i did 4 kills. What the hell is wrong with PS4? I'm not Ninja, but i'm kinda used to Fortnite, since i play this drug game alot, so comparing to PC, some things seems to be really...different from PC... which things? Duhh, i'd say, Building system. Building system and building system.
  12. Holy sh!t, lets go play!!!! Fack no fam who even uses emotes
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