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  2. Unless it is in the non-jailbroken version, which it is not.. but yes it is possible jailbreak or not.
  3. @sasume35 ViP is a paid subscription that gives you access to VIP content like that one.
  4. Hmmm is it that good? I don't think so... Lucas just added in a bunch of new guns that's pointless and repeated... pls someone hack the new version lmao I wanna see Lucas pissed
  5. How to get 4,000 Credits + 4,000 XP on Bullet Force every 20 seconds using the Bullet Force Hack! Steps: 1. Have the Bullet Force Hack installed on your device with the killstreak hack enabled from Settings. 2. Have the Nuke killstreak equipped on your active killstreaks. 3. Start an online match (preferably a custom match). 4. Spawn in and then activate the Nuke killstreak. 5. Leave the match before the Nuke explodes. (Repeat the process to earn 4,000 every time Please Like this post if you found it useful or it worked!
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