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A Club for everyone who uses Steam and is into PC Gaming !
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  2. i personally think fortnite is overrated, it's just another 3ps shooter, maybe with a battle royale style but it's not unique anymore. i guess stw is the best part of it (save the world)
  3. Steam Profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/DallsolsoSteelOcean/ Steam Level - 22 Main Games I Play - Hearts of Iron IV, Company of Heroes, Total War: EMPIRE Definitive Edition, and World of Warplanes
  4. yea thats server sided, and by server sided i mean heavily server sided, gaben got the protection
  5. Ah i see.... yes anyone can modify steam to a private access thing, then just use developer console and re-theme it... then save it and hack games onto the library... but like i said... no hack to edit REAL steam games...
  6. I c There is cracked steam, it doesn't add stuff to ur library like on the steam servers, but in the local client u can see the cracked games in library
  7. Oh and btw infinity doesnt crack games at all... they just give a very nice trainer that autoattches to your steam game, it doesnt do some sketchy exe downloads or file editing BS....
  8. Personnally.... i only get them from there, there is no “add games to your library” thats server cheating.... but basically igg and others use alot of anoyying glitchy launchers or installers or other broken crap... these ones usually just give the original game with a hacked steam_api.dll Plus this site is always updating with new games pretty much ever other day or atleast twice a week Lol if there was a true way to add games to your library for free steam would die impossible though its like me saying im gunna hack diablo 3 pc...
  9. @SkylarSpark do these add your games to the library or what? because you can get any game's cracked version from igg http://igg-games.com/pc-games-igg-list.html
  10. Best Steam Hacking Methods! Okay.. Okay.. some of you will be like “This is a Viruzzz, This is faiiik!” Well guess what... i said the same thing when i first found these two methods, anyways lets get started Infinity Launcher (windows app) infinity launcher is a free Steam Hacking Launcher, they have a full completed trainer that constantly adds new games, It even auto attaches and runs games for you, and support custom locations for cracked games! And and also they have multi-version support! and to be truthfully honest, I personally really trust these developers, they put alot of work into this app and it works VERY well, oh and if they DONT have a game that you want hacked, you can use voting points to vote fpr a game, you gian points by doing infinity quests or playing games with hacks on. So heres the developers site https://www.WeMod.com/Infinity Next up: SteamGameCrack this is when things start to get Sketchy..... this site is a bit international and i dont FULLY trust them, but as pf right now, my norton antivirus has been okay with their cracked games. Steamgamecrack allows for the search of pretty much any game on steam that has a crack available for it, so far ive used it to get PCBS, csgo, and a few sandbox games. Depending on where you live the site will be in german, just tap the flag in left top corner and make it english or whatever language... oh yeah thwy also have mega.nz as their main downloading site which i love because i actually use iosddl or mega for most of my needs. One more thing, some mega downloads have a password on the site to prevent poepple from copyright deleting the cracks or reporting them. So just open the codes section and CTRL+F and search the game you downloaded and use the code to unlock mega, though recently alot of the mega sites have beem mysteriously unlocked and require no codes.. this is the english site https://cracked-games.org/en/ this is the codes for mega.nz section, use chrome or browser that has a CTRL+F supported to search the website. The “krypto codes section” https://cracked-games.org/en/cryptographic-codes/ IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THIS TUTORIAL OR YOU WISH TO SEE PROOF OR A KIND OF SAFETY THEN JUST PM ME BTW I DONT OWN THESE EDIT: Saw this for the first time in like almost two years... Ugh so many typos. Did I really get that much better at typing over that time... - 9/7/2019
  11. Steam name: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bunnehprincess/ Steam level: 8 Main Games: right now i just started secret world legends
  12. lol i have u from a long time apparently
  13. Ahhahahahaha, bloody 2-step authentication
  14. dont have my phone, i am logged out of my acc with mobile authenticator
  15. Steam URL : https://steamcommunity.com/id/ButterFlyHypnosis (Steam name is actually Silence) Steam Level : 23 Main Games : CS:GO, Rust, Insurgency and GTAV
  16. 1. Steam Name : https://steamcommunity.com/id/Setsuna11/ 2. Steam Level : 52 3. Main Game(s) I Play : Modern Combat Versus , CSGO , Call of Duty Series , etc.
  17. The Steam Lunar Sale is gonna be there from 16 Feb - 20 Feb 2018 ( Asian Dates ) celebrating the Chinese New Year CHINA NUMBA WAN Have Fun , Buy Useless sh!t you will never play Source : https://www.whenisthenextsteamsale.com
  18. add my steam account http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961615273/
  19. http://store.steampowered.com/app/295110/Just_Survive/ Or 7 day to die, this is a awwsome game.
  20. Hey guys I am new here but have seen a lot of people asking for game titles that are similar to Last Day.. i have been playing a game for a while now which is very similar to Last Day. It has both PVP and PVE. Most of you may have heard of it but some might not have. They have done a lot of changes to the game lately but it is still a decent zombie shooter, building base game. The game is called Just Survive. It used to be called H1Z1 Just Survive but they took of the H1Z1 now. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BipolarGaming you can see the game in my recent activity

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