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About This Club

A Club for everyone who uses Steam and is into PC Gaming !

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Dope Profiles

    That's easy there's tuts on YouTube. And I'm gonna do that but I need to buy a good wallpaper
  3. When Valve first announced that it was taking a long-overdue crowbar to Steam Greenlight and replacing it with a new system called Steam Direct, people weren’t sure what would happen. Some thought Steam was about to get more exclusive again. Others feared that Valve was only widening the floodgates. Now we’ve got numbers. Since Steam Direct—which allows any developer to submit a game to Steam for $100—launched seven weeks ago, Steam has added over 1,000 new games, per figures provided by Ico Partners’ Thomas Bidaux (via GamesIndustry.biz). Of those, 215 arrived in the first week of August alone. Since mid-July, the number of games releasing per week has increased precipitously: When Steam Direct launched, Valve predicted that, thanks to games still caught up in the arcane gears of the Greenlight system, there would be “an initial surge of new submissions and then a new rate somewhat higher than what was coming through Greenlight.” The upswing in releases, then, could be a heaping helping of Greenlight leftovers, or it might be a sign of things to come. Regardless, Valve has contended that Steam’s algorithm and supporting systems are up to the task of helping people sift the cream from the crap. Time will tell whether or not it’s on the money with that gamble. SOURCE : Kotaku
  4. Dope Profiles

    wait you are ninjaibis ? lemme check omg its so good , the artwork blends with the background and how did you manage to get a gif in a screenshot showcase ???
  5. Should I get CS?

    It's alright.
  6. Dope Profiles

    No not the steam group, but I've been pumping my profile and trying to gain levels for showcases. I have some art, but it doesn't really all fit together yet. Is anyone else into profile customization? PS:Ninjaibis is my profile
  7. Steam Group ?

    Alright will there be a decision on making mods and stuff.
  8. Steam Group ?

  9. Payday 2

    I think it was for a limited time ... Too bad I would if i could but it aint there for Mac but it is there for Linux
  10. Should I get CS?

    Of course you should , its fun ....
  11. Steam Group ?

    Like an iosGod steam group ok that sounds ok.
  12. Payday 2

    Not anymore DiDA
  13. Should I get CS?

    Thinking of getting CS but idk if it is worth it. Any input whether it is a yes or no would be appreciated.
  14. Payday 2

    Is it free?
  15. Payday 2

    Anybody wanna play with me? I'm lonely af
  16. Steam Group ?

    Should we ? Like we can all be active and discuss anything there too . There is a group already but its dead ... hope this one ( if made ) doesnt end that way too
  17. My Steam ID - Kodiak

  18. My Steam ID - Kodiak

    Of course you have the Link profile picture
  19. My Steam ID - #Gaags '

    What is your acc name?
  20. My Steam ID - #Gaags '

    request sent
  21. Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/GeoSlark Steam Level: 22 Level Most Played Game: Dota 2
  22. Your Steam News Contains 3-4 Parts Depending on what it is 1. Add an Image Having an Image in your news has a great impact on the overall look of your topic ! 2. Main Content This is where the main news / article is to be written . You can organise it into Paragraphs and so on . You are also allowed to copy it from another online website but make sure you credit the source which is Part 3 3.. Steam App Link If your Steam News is related to a specific App or Game in the steam store then mention it like this : Check it Out : http://store.steampowered.com/app/730/CounterStrike_Global_Offensive/ 4. Source ( optional ) If your News / Article is copied from the Internet , then this is the Place where you mention it like this : Source : www.somerandomwebsite.com or somerandomwebsite The Perfect Example is the following Topic : I am pinning it as an ideal topic !
  23. lmao , its my fault it actually started 2 days ago but 75% discount lasts for 1 day more if you have this thing called money
  24. Link to my profile Most played game